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First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!


@Joe Welcome to the Brotherhood and thank you for your lengthy service.


@MCM Welcome to the Brotherhood.


welcome to the forum does’nt mater what you shoot your welcome here


welcome ted to the forum hope your not suffering too much you seem like a fighter so fight on and enjoy the forum


@DaveEpee Welcome to Brotherhood and thank you for your service.


@YFB Welcome to M*CARBO Brotherhood.


welcome to the fprum michael good to have you here


welcome to the brotherhood dave enjoy the forum


First real post. 45 years collecting and shooting firearms. I own 4 Kel tecs including a Gen 2 sub 2000, 9mm glock mags. I have been interested in Ruger LCRs lately and have aquired 3. Carrying the 357 magnum, having fun with the 22 LR and the 22 magnum.
My buddy and I shoot once a week our AR 15s at a 100yard range in Lakeland Florida.


@Rip Welcome to the Brotherhood Rip.


Hey everyone. I Just bought a gen 2 and waiting for it to get delivered in a day or two. I found you guys through the store. I need to learn a lot about this gun. I want to put the pro trigger kit on it. Great videos.
I’ve been shooting and hunting for about 20 years now (my old man never took me shooting). I think it’s a fun time. I have several weapons to play with, anywhere from 22 mini pistol to a 50 bmg.I can’t wait to play with my new Gen 2.


Hello. I’m a disabled/retired nuclear engineer that lives in southwestern PA. I am currently shooting a new Ruger PC9 Carbine (great firearm), 4); 9mm CZ’s (SP-01, P-10c, P-07 Duty& a Cajun Gun Works P-09, 3); tricked out S&W SW-22 Victory’s that I customized. I just ordered 5 of the amazing spring kits from M*CARBO!! 2); CZ 455 .22LR (American & Varmint), 3); Ruger’s (77/17WSM, American Target 22LR & the above mentioned PC9). I used to compete in .22LR 3 Position events. I can no longer compete do to a bad back, hip &, knees (31 surgeries over the past 27 years).
Always remember, " Pain is Temporary…Glory is for Ever"!


welcome to the forum rip enjoy your stay



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum - a great place to be.

Thank you and your wife for your service to our country.

Sorry you have cancer, but glad to hear you are having some successes with it, even if they might be temporary.

Hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome Pradie,
Honored to meet you. Nice Pic!!


Hey, Wayne here from Canada, thank for having me stick around.
I’m retired from a 40 year aviation career. Active shooter, spending time wto 2 most recent guns taking my attention have been Kriss Vector carbine & a Glock 19x
I own a gen 1 sub 2k, great little carbine
Looking forward to getting to know you folks!


@Franksmydog Welcome to the Brotherhood Wayne. Good to see more of our Canadian cousins on the forum.


@Rip Welcome to the Brotherhood.


@gammaman Welcome to the Brotherhood.


@theburg2014 Welcome to the Brotherhood.