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First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!


@MCM Welcome to the Brotherhood Mike.


Hello good to know there IS some where one can go to for straight forward info.
I recently ordered a part for my Kel Tec sub 2000,and I must commend MCARBO for prompt action .I did 20 yrs in the military,so has my son ,my grd sons 4 and 8 .I am for a STRONG America,I believe in personal protection.
Again I say thank you at MCARBO.Will do business again.


@DaveEpee welcome to the brotherhood Dave, thanx for your service brother!


welcome to the brotherhood Joe, thank you and your son for the defense of this great nation of ours!


@Joe Welcome to the Brotherhood Joe. Thank you and your son for your military service.



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum and thank you for your service to our country.

Hope you enjoy it here!



Welcome to M*CARBO Brotherhood and thank you for your service.


This is the first forum I’ve ever joined. So this is new to me. I love to shoot and reload. Actually I love to take things apart to see how they work and then see how to make it better. For the last few months I’ve mainly been shooting my G17 and my sub2k ( my first sub2k was stolen with my AR which I never got to shoot🤬). Anyways I’ve been watching M-Carbo YouTube videos and really enjoyed the videos. So I subscribed to your YouTube channel and ordered parts for both my G17 and sub2k. Can’t wait to put the Ultimate trigger kit red washer and bolt in my sub2k and the polishing trigger kit for my G17!! I’ll let you know what I think of them.
I also have some questions:
When is mcarbo going to start selling the foldable red dot mount?
Are you going to make a foldable front sight post for the sub2k?
Are you going to make a front muzzle brake that a suppressor can thread on to for sub2k?
Are you going to make flat trigger for G17?
My apologies if these questions have already been asked. Just needing to know the answers :sunglasses:



Welcome to M*CARBO Brotherhood of Arms (Michael…) Wow, ‘open the flood gates!!!’ Let me guess, you have to sneak off into your man cave after loading that dishwasher for your wifey??? Big smiles! Trust me, this was my first forum, and it also seemed like my mind overloaded my butt when it came to all the questions! But it is ‘those’ questions that build the PERFECT GUN??? @ChrisNelson **LIVIN’ IT UP AT THE SHOT SHOW, NO DOUBT… :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::facepunch: :facepunch: Check out the youtube video…

Don’t apologize! Just pick ‘our brains’ and learn, my friend! Welcome aboard…



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum - a great place to be.

Hope you enjoy it here.


Hey guys and gals. Hope ya’ll are doing well, just stopped by for the introduction.

My name is Ted, I’m a disabled / retired because of bone marrow cancer, but I’m still kicking. I’m in remission, but it’s incurable and always returns. I’m enjoying spending lots more time with my wife and kids that I missed out on for the last 24 years as a diesel mechanic. My wife and I are both Army veterans and we’ve been married for 19 years. We have two amazing kids 18 and 16. I traded a couple of things to get a Gen 2 Sub 2000 and I’ve been researching what can be done with them. I’ve always done my own gun smithing from machining my own muzzle breaks, hand fitting 1911s, hand carving sticks, etc. I figured this Sub 2000 would be a great one to let my kids learn some basics.

Both of my kids are very well versed in firearms and safety. My son is proficient with a CNC and a welder and my daughter has taken a loving to woodworking and horses, she starts an internship this spring training as a ferrier.

Happy shooting


welcome to the brotherhood TedMattingly, keep fighting the good fight, and to both you and your wife, welcome home brother!


Welcome Ted. Thanks to you and your wife for your service, and keep up the fight against that cancer. My family will say a prayer for yours!



Welcome to the MCARBO Brotherhood and thank you for your service. It seems that TEAM MCARBO is the ‘right fit’ for you! Have an awesome day.


@TedMattingly Welcome to the Brotherhood Ted. Thank you and the Mrs. for your Army service. Keep up the fight against cancer.


@TomP_FL Welcome to the Brotherhood.


@Northern-Bro Welcome to the Brotherhood. Great to have you join us and look forward to seeing you around the forum.


@homeland Welcome to the Brotherhood Charles.


Thx Jeff,

Very much appreciate your kind welcome. I look forward to many years of sitting around discussions…


@TedMattingly Welcome to the Brotherhood and thanks to you and your wife for your service. Great to have you join us.