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First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!


Tom, welcome to the brotherhood. Read the reviews on the Midwest folding scope mount before buying. There are a lot of complaints that it doesn’t hold zero. Scott


I hunt in Crossville Tennessee. I use a nice outfiller and lodge called “Loshbough”.



Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t know there was much hunting around Crossville, but good to know.


Hey Everyone,
Here goes my first post. I’ve read quite a few of the posts and I gotta tell you, I am in an elite group of guys and very honored to be included. I use Northern Bro because that’s what many of my U.S. buddies call me. So the name stuck. I’m an hour north of Buffalo in a small city called Stoney Creek Ontario. The closest I’ve come to law enforcement, military etc, is being related to family that is. I’ve been a firearm collector and avid shooter for over 37 years and I love it.
Just recently upgraded several parts on my new addition the Sub2Gen2. Specifically, the bolt tube cover, skeleton charger and recoil buffer and it looks awesome! I’ve shot the sub a couple of times already and it responds beautifully. Can’t wait to shoot it with the new mods.
Anyway signing off now, kudos to M-Carbo for all they do and the classy site. Once again, I’m honored to be part of this with all of you!


Welcome, enjoy the site and don’t be afraid to contribute.



Many ‘kudos’ for joining this ‘classy’ southern site and welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood of Arms. Big smiles! I believe that ‘most of us’ pride ourselves with our 'tinkering abilities and sharing our diverse knowledge with others in a most cordial manner? This, in my opinion, is what makes a successful site? There are so many ‘recipes’ in gunsmithing and there are many ‘foods’ out there for these firearm applications? With that ‘mouth-full’ of being said… Are you still enjoying the pot of soup or you still ‘hungry?’ :thinking: Please dive in and enjoy There is a wealth of knowledge out here waiting for your exploration??? There are many good-hearted people in our community!


HOMELAND here just signed up … been shooting 9mm alot lately glock 34, ruger pc carbine , beretta 92 and storm carbine, just for FUN used to shoot skeet, tournaments and was level 2 instructor giving seminars dont own a sub 2000 maybe in near future,



Welcome to our ‘team…’


Hey Brother lonewolf, (I luv the sound of that.)

Thx for the nice message bro. I will definitely dive into this more and more as I get better familiarized with how to do things in this forum. i wasn’t sure if i had done this correctly, still not actually. I’ve never posted stuff or commented on anything over the web or otherwise. I’m old school learning new school every day. I’m a 58 year old kid! there you go…Take care buddy… by the way my name is Luciano. Every buddy calls my Luc…good old Italian name…


Thx Dane,

I Very much appreciate your encouragement…

My name is Luciano…my friends call me Luc…good old Italian name…


EVENIN northern-bro, welcome to the brotherhood!


welcome to the brotherhood homeland, lot of info on this site, and a lot of people willin to help.



We will definitely have to chat… I grew up in Margate, NJ and you remind me of a ‘small town’ pizzeria that migrated from Italy. I became good friends with the ‘middle child,’ John. I used to watch the storefront on occasion and be ‘gifted’ a slice of pizza for my ( laborous) chores! Lol


LOL as well my friend. I can see it now you slavin away and then enjoying that home made pizza! To die for when your a kid, heck even now if the pizza is gooooooooood. Very interesting that you grew up in NJ, I say this because I always get asked where I’m from and it’s gotten to be a fun game with me now. I have them try and guess. You see, even though I was born/raised in Stoney Creek, apparently I have an American Italian accent, so i am told. I always get NJ, NY, even sometimes Philly. I cant explain it, when I hear my voice recorded, I hear the accent. Weird or what? We visit the U.S. on a regular basis. Obviously Niagara Falls is only 30 minutes from my front door, which makes it super easy. But also my middle boy attended WV state a little while back. So I would have fun with the West Virginians as to where i was really from…Ha Ha…See ya.


welcome to the forum luciano your first post of many to come @Northern-Bro


Welcome aboard @Northern-Bro - I am just about 50 miles south of BC in Washington state and have made many trips up there vacationing and skiing since I was a kid. Beautiful country, great people, expensive beer lol


Welcome aboard @homeland - love my G34 :+1:


welcome to the brotherhood charles @homeland


Top o’ the morning to you all… Call me Pradie if you care to. Retired LEO. NRA Instructor, RSO (NRA, CMP, SASS). Member Garand Collectors Assoc. Historian.

Recently competed in ISRA Winter Wars XV - Lot of snow, wet, fog, cold and FUN!!

In preparation for that shoot got a lot of trigger time with an SMLE No 4 Mk1 and an H&R M1 Garand.

Do not own a sub-2000, nor have I ever shot one.

Happy to have found M*Carbo!



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. We have a lot of great people here.