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First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!


@Spark LOL They are rough on the arm and shoulder for sure. heres a link to the post about my Diana and some others you might like.


Here is some of my Red Ryders, thought you might like to see them.

The fourth one from the top is one of three Daisy prototypes made for a series of Christmas Dream rifles, was never completely finished #000 of 1500, and the one below it is a finished one and issued #1200 of 1500.

I will delete this after a while so not to clutter up the thread.



that is a hell of a collection of red ryders ya got!


I agree, very nice! I have one Red Ryder.
The pic you could post in the thread i sent the link for.


Looking forward to your contributions to the group - Welcome



  1. What have you been shooting the most lately?
    223 Wylde

  2. Current projects your working on?
    I have a new Youtube channel so check it out. You support me, I support you. :wink:

  3. Are you a Veteran or Police Officer?
    U.S. Marine Veteran.

  4. Do you shoot any competitions?
    In the past. Maybe again in the future.

  5. Do you own a SUB-2000?
    I just ordered a 300 Blackout upper.

I look forward to doing a review of the SKS Trigger Spring Kit on my Youtube channel.

Semper Fi



Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood of Arms and thank you for your service! A great knowledgeable forum, for sure!


welcome to the brotherhood! RossRange, thanx for you service, and welcome home!


@RossRange Welcome to the Brotherhood and thank you for your service. Great to have you join us.


@ RossRange welcome to the brotherhood. From an old Jarhead to another. I hope you enjoy yourself here . I’ve learned a lot.



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum and thank you for your service in the Marine Corps.

We have a lot of great people here. Enjoy!


welcome to the forum ross


Tom from North Florida, where it actually got below freezing last night.
Just got a Kel Tec Sub 2000. Soon will install a couple parts, plus I am going to try the folding scope mount from Midwest Ind with a red dot
Love the gun other than the lousy sights that are too low for me to acquire easily.
Other guns include Glock 19, Ruger LCP2 .380, and a few older shotguns, revolvers, and rifles.
Newest project is an AK 7.62 X 39 pistol from Century Arms. Outfitting with muzzle brake, scope, etc.


welcome to the brotherhood your more than welcome here @TomP_FL


welcome to the brotherhood tomP!


Thank you.

Still no source for carbine parts.



Been shooting open sight Mosin Finn rifles and Swede Mausers for decades at 1000 yard steel plates.

Hornady has come out with a new 147 grain 6.5 bullet.



Thank you, still no help in locating a source for carbine parts.


found plenty of parts break downs for the 995, hadnt found anything on the 1095 as of yet, still looking.


Welcome RossRange and thank you for your service.