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Former Marine. 82 years old. Used to compete in IPSIC, Steel Challenge, rifle ,pistol, and shotgun matches.
Recently purchased Hi-Point 1095 carbines. Developing loads to shoot 100 - 200 yards. Need diagram, sear springs, counter weight retaining springs, trigger springs, recoil springs, sears, Dealer price list of parts.
Hi-Point telephones don’t answer. Manufacturer service is unsatisfactory. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Carbine has been surprisingly accurate at 70 yards. No function problems with a half dozen different bullets and a dozen different powder loads. Thanks


welcome to the brotherhood Hag, thank ya for your service brother!


Hi @Hag (Tom)

Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood of Arms and thank you for your service! I believe if you email help@mcarbo.com @ChrisNelson would love to hear your ideas on your newly purchased Hi-Point! I had gone into the store side to research your diagram and only found a 'comparison between your HP carbine and KT SUB2000. I was introduced to this forum in Nov. and found the people and knowledge to be fantastic! I am sure that someone in the group has knowledge working with the Hi-Point that can assist you/get you to the right people? Did you also try www.hipointfirearmsforums.com? I know I will attempt to come up with some reference material. Sorry that the manufacturer’s service is ‘unsatisfactory.’ I am sure that has some sort of negative ‘weight’ about your firearm purchases? Good luck in your shooting endeavors!


Welcome Ray and thank you for your service. My wife uses an M&P 9C with an apex trigger for her EDC. Lots of good people and info here. I love shooting my S2K.


Welcome Mike and thank you for your service.


Welcome Hag and thank you for your service. My dad is a Navy WW2 vet.


@Hag (Tom)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. A lot of friendly and knowledgeable people here.

Thank you for your service in the Marines.

Good luck with your Hi Point carbine. Hope you get it fixed like you want.


Recently I bought a S-2K and thought I would join the Brotherhood. I was looking for shooting and upgrading, tips, and some good conversation on the S-2K. So here I am.

I am retired from the banking industry after 35 years so now have the time to get lots of shooting in.

Shooting has been my main interest since I was 8 years old, and I continue to shoot military style rifles and handguns, and also compete with competition airguns.

I was interested in the S2K’s back when the gen 1’s first came out, but found them somewhat difficult to find, and of course there was always some other firearm I NEEDED, so I finally got around to buying one. I have only test fired my S-2k so far, and just installed a buffer and weighted charging handle. I hope to fire it this weekend and see how the upgrades work out.

Looks like there will always be another upgrade to be made!



Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood of Arms. A great bunch of laid back folks with plenty of firearm knowledge. Feel free to pick our brains, my friend!


welcome to the brotherhood spark!


Welcome Spark. You’ll love your sub. It burns through ammo like no other gun I own. LOL



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. A lot of great people here.



@Frankk Welcome to the Brotherhood.


@Ray-Ray Welcome to the Brotherhood and thank you for your service.


@Mike57 Welcome to the Brotherhood, thanks for your LE service, and for sure :+1::+1::+1: on 53 years.


Welcome to the brotherhood.
Yes, there is lots of info here. Hope you enjoy your stay in the brotherhood.


@exnjcop Welcome to the Brotherhood and thank you for your service.


@Hag Hi tom. Welcome to the Brotherhood and thank you for your service. What caliber are the long range loads you are developing?


@Spark Welcome to the Brotherhood. Happy to have you join our group. What caliber is your s2k?
I have a .22 crossman pump pellet rifle and a Diana model 45 .177 break barrel.


My S2K is a 9mm. I like to shoot steel plates so 9mm is a really good caliber for that, as well as being fairly cheap to shoot.

I shoot a PCP called an Airforce Edge .177 cal. We shoot at 10 meters indoors, and use small steel animal targets. The smallest are the chickens, and they have a frontal area the size of a dime. I also shoot a Mrod Airmax PCP pistol.

For outdoors I have an old Diana 34 break barrel in .22 cal. Has been a really good airgun, but my arms can only stand cocking it about 35 times each day!