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Hi Guys,
Navy Shipboard Small Arms Instructor (can they hit the water?), sharpshooter. Shot rockets, torpedoes, and a large assortment of small arms. At 64, old age is working it’s magic. I have hearing loss (5” guns), but I make up for it with my poor eyesight. 12 surgeries on my left arm made it difficult to shoulder a long gun. The SUB 2-K rescued me with the light weight.
I’ve been shooting my S&W handguns mostly.

I’m working on M*CARBO mods to my SUB 2-K
Navy Veteran
I’ve just barely got started with some USPSA/IPSC shooting.



welcome to the brotherhood ray your very welcome to be here @Ray-Ray



Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood of ARMS. A lot of good people and information here!



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. Thank you for your service in the Navy.

This is a fun place to be with lots of friendly and knowledgeable people.

So, can you handle any of the higher recoiling handguns (.44 mag and up), or are you relegated to the low to modest recoiling handguns?


@Ray-Ray Welcome to the Brotherhood Ray. Thank you for your Naval service. Nice looking Shield you have there.:+1:


welcome to the brotherhood Ray-ray thank ya for yer service brother.


Hi John,

I do a lot of one-handed shooting because of the arm. I’m sure I could put rounds on target with a 45, but controlling muzzle rise is difficult when doing rapid fire.


Hi Don,

Thanks. It’s a working gun so I’m starting to see some wear in the Cerakote from the holster. That pic was when it was fresh.



I am a retired Indiana police officer of 33 years. I currently serve as full-time EMA Director for my county (eleven years). I just purchased a Kel-etc Gen 2 in .40 cal. My wife and I have been married 53 years. Besides working & target shooting I enjoy traveling with my son-in-law and our ATV’s. We ride mainly in Michigan but have gone to Tennessee and West Virginia. That’s about it . . .


welcome to the brotherhood mike57 , lots of sound info here on the sub 2000s, as well as other units…


@Mike57 Welcome to the Brotherhood Mike. Thank you for your LEO work.



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. This is a great place to be.

Thanks for your service in law enforcement.

Congratulations on such a successful marriage. I am about to make it to the 20 year mark, myself.



Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood of Arms, Mike! It is a great forum with a wealth of knowledge. Glad to have you!


Thanks Chris for doing what you do. At 12 years old , I gutted my first Buck. Now 50 years later, I gutted my Sub 2000 and it’s now a M Carbo Buck. 4.5 lbs trigger pull from 9.5 …Did the complete gut job and well worth it…Also got the new sight and my face thanks you.

New to the brotherhood and happy I did so.

Former NJ LEO living close to you in Nokomis Fl.

Richie D


welcome to the brotherhood exnjcop!


@exnjcop (Richie D)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. This is a great place to be with a lot of friendly and knowledgeable people.

Thanks for you service in law enforcement.

Have fun here!


welcome to the brotherhood mike



Welcome to M*CARBO Brotherhood. It is a great place to ‘hang out’ and learn about firearms… I grew up in Margate, NJ in the early 70’s myself. My father owned Bob’s Margate Texaco (around the corner from the police station…) Talking about a small world? Lol. Where in NJ do you hail from?


Thanks Bro
Newark and Belleville



Rough areas… I lived in North Brunswick and Fanwood before relocating with GM to Georgia.