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First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!


welcome to the forum pb92
cead mead failte @PB92


welcome to the forum robert
cead mead failte



Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood of Arms! A great place to ‘hang out’ and learn. Friendly group of people!


@Hammerheadrpr Welcome to the Brotherhood Bob. Enjoying your semi- retirement?:grinning:



I am ‘unsure’ how anyone (enjoy’s) semi-retirement without keeping busy to some degree? Big smiles! In my case, going out with a disablement, it is hard to keep busy when one has good/bad days! I pray for the good all of the time. Self-worth comes into play… I always want a day of accomplishment however large/small. I am sure those that are too busy and wish to ‘add’ a hobby gets to fulfill one’s dreams! So, cheers to @Hammerheadrpr… Robert, you ‘deserve’ your semi-retirement… I am sure it was quite earned…


Hi everyone thanks for the invite. I am in central fl in the woods. I have been shooting most of my life, Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol. Lately we have been shooting rifle, The wife and I one day decided to try an Appleseed event. MAN I didn’t know what I didn’t know about handling a rifle great experience and a history lesson too all for 60 bucks. With that I have built two 10 22 tack drivers for Appleseed and am now working on an AR and 2 Mini 14’s. { I purchased your sear springs}. The internet hype about the mini not being accurate is bunk, A little work and it will do MOA at 100 yrds. Navy Vet Retired mechanic and also spent a number of yrs as an OTR Truck driver. We don’t shoot “competitions” any more. Mostly shoot on our own range at home and do an Appleseed every couple of months. I reload pistol ,Rifle and shotgun using Dillon presses and a Rock chucker.



Welcome to M*CARBO BROTHERHOOD OF ARMS and thank you for your service. There is definitely a wealth of knowledge to be had in this forum! Enjoy your stay, my friend!


welcome to the brotherhood you will enjoy yourself here


@Lowgear125 Welcome to the Brotherhood Rick. Thank you for your Naval service. Enjoy your retirement.


Thanks for the warm welcome Much appreciated! I like the freedom of making more of my own choices and to be able to be in a “ semi retirement mode “ but range time ammo and new build projects still require Ben Franklins so that keeps me active Never ever dream of being stagnant letting the moss grow where it don’t belong lol!\M*Carbo is an awesome find and I’m sure as you know a great resource for builds and comradeship That being said I’m off on one of my other journeys building custom Stratocaster Take care and be well HH RPR


@Lowgear125 welcome to the brotherhood Lowgear125, and thank you for your service brother.


@PB92 Welcome to the Brotherhood.


@Hammerheadrpr Welcome to the Brotherhood. enjoy the forum.


Thank you…


Welcome to the brotherhood, this is the best group of guys and know how I’ve found on any gun forum.

No drama, imagine that?!


New to forum. Just bought a Keltec sub 2000. Ordered a trigger kit and some other components. Looking forward to applying them. I am a Vietnam vet with time in 173d Abn Bde, 4 ID, 82d, and 7 SFG.


@Allenm61 Welcome to the Brotherhood. Thank you for your Army service. There are a few of us VN vets here. Glad to have you here.:smiley:


@PB92 (Bob)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. This is the fun place to be. Enjoy!



Welcome to the MCarbo Forum and thank you for your service in Vietnam.


@Lowgear125 (Rick)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum.

Thank you for your service in the Navy.

This is a great place to be with a lot of good and knowledgeable people.