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@GatorJim (Jim)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. A fun and friendly place.

For your GP 100’s, what trigger pull (DA and SA pounds) are you hoping to get to?


@SnuffySmiff (Greg)

Welcome to the MCarbo Forum. Lots of great people here. Hope you enjoy it.


welcome to forum 23 your hooked now


Under 5 lbs for double would be great, around 3 or less on single hopefully.


@Shaker214 Welcome to the Brotherhood.


@GatorJim Hi Jim. Welcome to the Brotherhood. Very happy to hear you’re pleased so far. It’s people like you that see the quality and difference in our forum, and make it the best by including their knowledge and participation. Look forward to seeing you around the forum.


@Shaker214 welcome to the forum brother .note everyone on this site gets frugal from time to time so no one will think your cheap



Wow, that would be light - especially for a revolver!

Best of luck on your project.


@GatorJim welcome to the best guns ammo and plenty of fun site around


I bought the ez shield for my wife back in July. Have 4 factory mags for it and have never had an issue with it. Zero ftf, fte, etc… Weve run flat nose, round nose, various hollow points, etc. Not 1 single issue in roughly 5-600 rounds



Thanks for the info. I am glad to hear the EZ is working well for you. It is something I have been considering for purchase since first hearing about it.


Hello everyone my name is Bob from East Haven Connecticut. I’m a gun guy and I shoot competition with my tricked out Beretta pistols. Combat shoots and open class steel speed shooting. I smith my own Berettas. I’m also into long range shooting with my custom-built M40A1.
Chris helped me with his springs on a very custom built Marlin Model 60 rifle…thanks Chris!.. I’ll try to post some pictures of my guns when I figure out how to do so.
Glad to be here!
Please welcome all new members!


welcome from the Lowcountry Of South Carolina Bob!



Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood, Bob!


Thank you lonewolf, very happy to be here.


Thank you GOBLIN…


@PB92 Welcome to the Brotherhood Bob. Like to see a pic of your M40A1.


Thanks Don68. Just learning this forum. I’ll post some pictures when I figure it out…


Mostly a custom AR15 I just built ghost skeleton stainless barrel etc. I recently retired but still work self employed now Just purchased a gen 2 sub 2000 buying better parts from M*carbo to upgrade before I break it in :sunglasses:


welcome to the brotherhood Hammerheadpr!