M*CARBO Brotherhood

First Post Here: Introduce Yourself!

  1. What have you been shooting the most lately?

  2. Current projects your working on?

  3. Are you a Veteran or Police Officer?

  4. Do you shoot any competitions?

  5. Do you own a SUB-2000?

Soon to be new sub owner!

Hey there…

Got my s2k 9mm Beretta back in August so I have been upgrading and shooting that quite a bit. Also shoot my 9mm Berettas quite a bit. I bought my first handgun in April 2017 and have been learning and learning as much as possible. This group is an awesome resource for a newer shooter like myself. Never served in the military or law enforcement but I have worked for a couple of police departments and local governments doing IT work.

I really would like to try shooting competitions so I am looking for advice on how to get ready.

The s2k has been a lot of fun and a great partner to my Beretta 92A1. I have a full MCARBO upgrade with a Red Lion Precision forend, front sights and a flat trigger. I have a Kel-Tec heavy bolt along with the MCARBO recoiless charging handle and buffer pad. Looking forward to that muzzle break!

I’ve looking at optics for a while so hearing about this kinda stuff from other users who are in competitions is important to me as I get closer to entering a USPS or PCC match for the first time.


I’m in the building trades unions and have been for 19 years, currently I work online mostly.

I love my sub 2k 9mm , I’ve added most of the Mcarbo upgrades as Well as the red lion forend, a forward grip that has the light and laser in it, a tri delta muzzle brake, and a medium height riser mount with a Bushnell red dot on it.

It is extremely comfortable to shoot now and I have been shooting it almost daily. I love our in the country on forty acres so I cannabinoid anytime I please. To be honest i have never saw a gun range in my life.

Currently I am doing some research on AR15s , I am going To build one very soon. I’m actually going to a gun show tomorrow where I plan to buy a receiver.

I also plan on trying to pick up an Enfield or mauser or something of that nature as well as a full frame 9mm pistol. I’m looking at those caniks really hard.


Hey there! Looks like we are some the first to get on here…we’ll see if it catches on.


Awesome! Great to hear your getting ready to start competing in a PCC match.

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself!

Glad to have you here Brother!


Hey Brother, great to have you here! Man your living the dream!

I want to live out in the country with some land of my own one day. Nothing like having the freedom to do what you want, when you want on your own property!

You have your own gun range and you can train how you please. Shooting and Moving! Nothing like training like your going to fight.

Can’t stand going to an indoor range and standing in a stall shooting out to 25 yards. Don’t get me wrong it’s better than nothing but being able to shoot and move/ shooting while moving is a much better skill set and a more realistic one to rehearse.


Let us know what the trigger pull is like! We’re doing more trigger spring kits.


Hello I am Matthew Malone and I live in Tennessee. I am a remodeling contractor and competitive shooter. I served 5 1/2 years as an FMF Corpsman with 2nd Battalion 6th Marines. I shoot PCC in USPSA. I am always making small changes and tuning my sub2000 thanks to great and innovative companies like Kel-Tec, M-Carbo and Red Lion Precision. For about a year I searched and searched for a G17 sub2000 that was at a reasonable price and finally jumped on it last year when I found one for <$400 online. Since then I have only shot my sub2000 at matches and attract a lot of attention due to its suprising performance over most competitors. Kel-Tec has been gracious enough to let me shoot for them in the upcoming JP Enterprise Area 5 PCC Championship and I am thrilled. I enjoy helping other who are on the same track and similar fascination with Kel-Tec products and their after market support.


****correction, first handgun purchased in April 2017…not 2018.


Thank you for your Service!

Glad to have you here Brother! Looking forward to hearing about the upcoming JP Enterprise Area 5 PCC Championship. Congratulations on the opportunity to shoot for KEL-TEC. That’s quite an honor!

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself!


Awesome! Glad to have you here Brother!

Thank you for your Support!


My Sub, 2000 9mm Limited Addition by Myself and M*CARBO INC.
And My Custom 22 TCM by John Glass/Rock Island
Yes I’m a old vet Viet Nam 66-68
No Competition Shoot’s Hear in SE AK


Great to have you here Tony! Thanks for introducing yourself.

Can you share a pic of that SUB2K you’ve built out?

What’s the weather like in AK?


Not a veteran but FULLY support all who are! I have the G17 version of Sub 2000, then bought a Glock 17 to go with it, since Keltec didn’t make a version to go with my Springfield XDm or Mod 2. I enjoy shooting pretty much everything; AR-15, AK-47, bolt and lever-guns.
I also enjoy riding my motorcycle and do LOTs of bow hunting for whitetail.


Hey all! Retired Navy vet here. Was both prior-enlisted and officer, so I ran nuke power plants and flew SH-60B helos. I do have a Gen 2 SUB2000 (G19 version) that’s on its way back to the mothership for the barrel recall which sucks because it’s been 100% reliable. And, that’s with a bunch of excellent M*CARBO upgrade parts. I haven’t been shooting all that much lately, but we’re just coming out of winter here so maybe things will change. Take care!


Great to have you hear Brother! Welcome!


I am a retired Texas State Employee who grew up with firearms in the closet. My father taught me respect for Law Enforcement and the Military. Received BB Guns at 5 and 6 years, a Bolt Action 410 at 10, and a 30/30 Lever Action at 12 years old. On from there ------Now. I am now 67. I am a Glock person, preferring 40 cal.

I have two Sub 2000 Gen 2’s, 40 cal. which I will be upgrading with you fantastic parts I have purchased over a period of time.
Can’t wait for the trigger bar and the muzzle brakes!!!

Have purchased and shared parts with a nephew and friend.
Thanks for all you have done to increase the pleasure of shooting firearms like the Sub 2000!!!



Hey Wedge! Great to have you here Brother!

Thank you for your Service.


Hello everyone, Medically retired, 16yrs Army Veteran. I’m in Pennsylvania. I love my new pistols I’ve been shooting/carrying. Canik TP9SF Elite and SFX. I’ve been trying to get a couple of these Sub 2000 gen 2 multi mag. I could find the needle in the haystack, before finding a Sub 2000…LOL