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FIRST LOOK : Standard Mfg S333 Handgun

If this has been around before, sorry. First time I have seen it

8-Capacity, Double Barrel Standard Mfg S333 Handgun


That thing looks horrendous. And, in practical use, it’s only really four shots. Pull the trigger four times and you’re out. You can’t engage more than four targets individually. And, I can’t believe they designed something without a full trigger guard in today’s sue-happy society. Four trigger pulls in three seconds is pretty danged slow, too. :rofl:


innovative, which is always interesting to see, but I don’t think it will be successful, for the reasons mentioned. That said, I wouldn’t feel under protected if I carried an 8 shot 22 Magnum revolver


i these ever become available at or below the suggest MSRP i’d try one…

will it appear on the market, who knows?

what i like is that it sells direct! awesome! i wish more manufacturers did this!

on the Gulf of Mexico


they used to make these…range was get 4 in a sheet of plywood at 10 feet frame was soft metal rotating firing pin, latch top. the ones that were in range of getting hit wernt the one it was pointed at. falls under that interesting but worthless in use group…
took one off a kid in the 70s ( Bouncing at that time)eig%204%20shot%201



If they were any smaller I’d think the industry is trying to promote those ‘credit card firearms…’ pull a credit card billfold out, unlock the built in magazine where the trigger would fall down, aim and pull the trigger! I think they were selling quite a few of them on www.gunbroker.com?


they been doing lil gambler guns/belly guns forever, this is a lil H&R 22 short only. I figure its from the 20s/30s. folding trigger(folds fwd) no guard, found it in a house we were salvaging for the timber… range bout 4 feet max. couldn’t find the target at 10. one of those up against and pull the trigger guns…

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@dave67 Yeah, THOSE!!! You know that a ‘soccer mom’ had to have thought that one up??? Big smiles!

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@lonewolf It is very interesting but you have to load each round individually and remove each spent shell but still very cool I think. Spare rounds can be stored in the handle, maybe some 40gr. CCI Quiet .22 Segmented HP @ 710 FPS (subsonic). There is no trigger guard so check with your state laws about it being legal to own.

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The credit card gun caught my eye awhile back and i have been tempted. It’s a gun, but more a novelty

Right now, there’s nothing out there that would sway me from not carrying my North American arms mini revolver. I can get off 5 shots pretty quick and hit a paper plate with it at seven yards.

I carry that more than I’d like to admit