First Look! New SUB-2000 Hinge Optic Mount - Prototype


If you can fabricate the mount out of 7075/T6, I’ll pay $125/each. The wife and I need two (2) for our CARsenals.

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I don’t think optics were even a concern when Kel-Tec designed the Gen 1 since where wasn’t even a way to mount an optic without drilling/hacking the handguard. The current design is brilliant, though, with using the trigger guard as the locking mechanism.


I understand… I’m not trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Its just that its enough of a concern that we are here talking about an add-on flip up mount so that people can add optics but still ‘flip it out of the way’ in order to fold the gun in half. was just saying that if the gun folded side ways, this wouldn’t be an issue for leaving a permanently mounted optic. Also, the “if it was a concern” was really meant to refer to the way this new hinge mount thing locks in place. adding a connection point to opposing side would remove any wiggle if there even is any. I think the whole thing is pretty cool regardless. I’ll be looking to get onf of these at some point when its finished and ready to sell.


Meh, reality is most people probably don’t care. Key word is “here” so take the average person probably having 0 thought on this. Hell, I know I don’t care for optics. If I cared for optics, I wouldn’t have got this gun or just get a quick release rail. No reason not to since they’re proven well to hold 0 if your location is marked. Again, realistic practicality. The day someone pulls out their Sub2k and quick launches their optic to kill a terrorist or whatever in an emergency situation, then the statistic can be added as 1 in a billion. Until then, it’s just a tacticool concept people are whining about that takes away from the initial design of the gun. It’s like complaining your AR9 can’t snipe at 500yds. The reality isn’t there.


@Aravena I agree with this gun not needing any type of optics as it defeats the main purpose of this weapon, quick tactical deployment. I was fully planning on running this rig as stock as possible with the exception of the M*Carbo upgrades, which I feel are more like necessities than true mods. That being said, I have said from day one of this optic mount concept that this would be the best and ONLY optic mount option for this gun to keep the functionality and core purpose still in tact. No offense to the guys who do use other optic mounts or twisting rails but that takes away from the intended use.


I too have no intention of adding optics to my Sub2K. I did add a laser which allows for very fast and accurate snap shooting, even from the hip. And no issues with placement affecting the folding and locking of the gun. I have other weapons with optics if distance and precise accuracy is an issue. I know for some vision problems are an issue. My eyes aren’t what they used to be either, but I can still see a green dot on your forehead from quite a distance.


Mmmmk. Either way, for clarity, which mount is the only one? If you’re talking Carbo’s that’s a huge laugh since it takes everything away from “functionality and core purpose” of the gun. It’s quite disappointing and quite the change from the original concept which actually had a better idea but perhaps not realistic? They did have a proto which seemed fine. I know Carbo is small but it’d be nice if there was a rep here. Pornhub might be a bad example since it’s huge and Katie is around on Reddit all the time but even on r/flashlights there a reps from smaller companies, even foreign based ones regularly giving insight opposed to here which has limited to 0 rep.

Sorry, always bugs me from a marketing standpoint. Heck, mods were asking sources on prices I posted here and few know of the original prototype being share publicly a year ago. Most seem to think things are only posted here.

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@Aravena @Dane I say this with the utmost respect, then don’t post on this thread. I respect your opinion but no need to air “I don’t care for optics. If I cared for optics, I wouldn’t have got this gun.” The last 2 posts IMHO seem to belittle the good people here who ARE interested in running an optic on their S2K but are tired of the on and off needed to do so. We support this and many of Mcarbos other innovations. We get it, you “pass” on buying one of these mounts. Excellent. Have a nice day. :smiley:
I personally am excited about this or some other ingenious means to mount an optic yet still allow to fold. I just plain and simple am faster and more accurate with an optic, period.


Back on topic…
I want the opinion of the group. This is what I was considering but I am looking for your feed back. I want to start with a Performance Services hand guard stabilizer/optic mount.

Then put on an AK hinged optic mount. I know it might be taller. But there are smaller ones that might be able to be modified easily to put the picatinny right over the barrel. Little work but end result may be nice.

OR maybe more simple with a 90° mount like this.


So the optic will be offset to the left about 3/4". But a good height and can still fold. I know a bit to get accustom to. But stable and simple. I am looking forward to this optic enthusiast threads opinion and feed back of this idea/concept. Thank you Brothers.


@Gatekeeper Please reread what I posted before you tell me where I can and cannot post.:wink:

I said THIS is the only optic option I would consider as it does not invalidate the intended use of this weapon.

@Aravena I’m not up on the most recent version of this unit, did they change it from the original? The Prototype made it easy to deploy without any more than a quick click, unlike some that make you twist the rail. If it changed significantly from the prototype then I will have to take another look at it but I do like the design of the prototype.


We’re not Carnac the Magnificent all knowing with predictions and we’re kept in the dark like 99.9BAR% as much as everyone else.


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Well it’s been a while since I have been on site health issue not fixed but trying to work through it my thoughts on co witness is I want my face off the recoil tube not on it so no co witness that’s why I ll keep iron sites for the optic rail for me will hold a magnified Red Dot or a scout scope for shots past 40 yards for pest control or things


@Jefft1967 good to see ya brother, hope you feel better.


@aravena I’ve reached out to you on private message several times which you’ve ignored. Not sure if you have a mental health issue going on or what but the next step is to just silence your account. I said the mount wasn’t announced publicly as far I knew. You said it was. Not a big deal. Apparently to you it is a big deal. However, I will not let you sit here and continue to take pot shots and make back handed comments. If you can’t find ways to positively contribute to this forum you simply cannot continue to be here.


This is awesome. Im an infant in the “Keltech Hood” however ive wanted one for years and yesterday i oreder my first ever keltech sub2000 gen .40cal. Past 2 days ive watch videos read reviews on all the awesome upgrades but i only seen that one swivel optic mount strike industry made. I honestly liked it but ive read some not so good reviews saying the mount attached to the m-lok isnt very sterdy making the optic very unaccurate due to the mount moving and stuff. By the looks of this new m-carbo optic mount seems like this is the ticket. I did have 1 idea i thought a min ago, it may be an unlogical idea but i just wanted to share it with u. What if u made an m-lok mount that attaches to the left m-lok side and goes underneathe and back up to attache to the right side m-lok, all one piece and still have the swivel feature?. Like i said im brand spankin new at this and just wanted to share. Cant wait to get my Sub2000 gen2 and all the m-carbo upgrades. Thanks for all ur hard work and GOD BLESS.


First, welcome. Second, the problem many have experienced is that the m-lok slot is plastic. So the little metal nuts that capture on the back dig into the plastic and come lose by wearing a groove into the plastic or you destroy the grip if you over tighten. Can’t put blue lock tight on the threads as the vibration of recoil wears the plastic and makes anything heavier than a small flashlight loose needing to be tightened regularly. That is the main problem with the Midwest industries product. All though some (few) have had no problems with it. I think this design will be far more robust as to how it is fastened to the firearm and not relying on an upside down trapezoid groove & spring tension mating tab to hold a zero.