First Look! New SUB-2000 Hinge Optic Mount - Prototype


We all keep forgetting we aren’t mcarbo s only weapons platform he builds for the optic mount is are last crowning piece no rush for it hope am wrong I really enjoy my sub 2000 hope there’s more upgrades for it


When does the optics mount come out?


Late 2020 ??? Lol who knows


Lower 1/3, gives you the ability to see more with the front sight as opposed to that dot being in your way if you are trying to bag some vermin running around.


OK, looks good!

WHEN ???

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Absolute cowitness is my vote. Thank you


Sorry, but have to vent. Chris and Mcarbo have let us down with this new mount. I looked back and the first post on this was in May 18. That was NINE months ago. Since then there have been a lot of posts asking when with basically crickets from Chris. They never should have release this until they were much close to production. I am a big Mcarbo fan, I basically have ALL their Sub-2000 parts in my carbine. And yes I am aware they make stuff other than sob-2000 parts. But, this started a lot of fain fair with people waiting and it has taken to long. Sorry Chris, I love you and your company, but this is ridiculous. I am sure I will receive a bunch of negative replies, but I also know there are a lot of you out there that feel the same way I do. Just providing honest feedback.


@Quick1 The reason for early pictures of the optic mount was to get feedback from the MCARBO brotherhood on changes/ideas that could be made to make it better, it’s called R&D. Getting ideas from the people buying it to make it more of what the buyer wants I say is far from letting us down.


@dave67 absolutely! There has been a lot of changes made to the mount based on our feedback. It would be totally different if the mount was announced and no changes or input was given/received. People forget that Chris announced the mount to the Brotherhood. A small sample group. He didn’t announce it to the whole world. The entire point of the Brotherhood was to get early access and help each other.



I will be the first to disagree. It’s significant that I’d count myself among the least patient/ most now now adults on this forum. I absolutely want it yesterday.

I expect the difference in our opinions revolves around a trust I’ve developed in M*CARBO. Every current option fails to qualify my Sub to meet my ultimate objective. Let’s briefly list my trials and describe their shortfalls:

Red Lion came closest - it gives the stable, repeatable zero and it accommodates folded storage. But Red Lion deploys at Range Toy speed - it fails my 10 sec to punched hole objective. It was a quality piece that deserved my consideration.

Quality (Arisaka) offset, adjustable, mloc mounted picatinny was a fail. It folded, it was fast, but the mloc forend did not support my desired 100 yard effective accuracy with repeatable accuracy.

I skipped investment in the MI mount 'cause 1. It’s too tall, 2. It puts the optic in the path of the charging handle and I don’t accept the Paracord leash fix, and 3. It secures to the same mloc slots that failed to stabilize my Arisaka mount.

K. So … I decided to let Chris work his magic rather than build my own door hinge based mount. The door hinge design works but mine would be Swiss Cheesed by the time I achieved the precision alignment that will satisfy me.

This forum is a place full of family. It has been discussed here to evaluate and define priorities and to insure Chris’ investment yields a positive return. This is his brotherhood. By now, I risk being mistaken for a fan boy. I can only submit that I haven’t outfitted my Sub as an MCARBO exclusive. e.g., I don’t talk about my muzzle brake here 'cause I’m happy with my brake from another maker and the Texas based Performance Services neatly fills other gaps in MCARBO current offerings.

So “all that” was my lead in to say:. I prefer to wait for an excellent product that meets my needs without 'causing me to reset my expectations than to have something that sorta or almost or sometimes or kinda works. My patience does not resemble Job’s and I was determined to start on some door hinges if Chris didn’t have it ready for Shot. He did and I’m confident he understands that Shot announcements put developments on loud clicking coo coo clocks.


Well said, Milton. There is no need to waste money on re-engineered products. There is always a NEW AND IMPROVED… That is what makes all of the most popular companies ‘innovative?’ Now, take all these ‘patented’ ideas and come out with its very first M*CARBO SUB2K designed by our very own Brotherhood Teammates? Obviously, the name cannot be used… :+1:


I think Cris released news on this early so that he could get input from the brotherhood. Making a moving scope mount that will repeatedly maintain zero after countless openings and closings as well as recoil from thousands of rounds is not an easy feat. I’d be more than willing to wait many more months to make sure i get a quality product and i really appreciate Chris allowing the brotherhood here to have some input on the final product. The old saying, “good things come to those who wait” applies here.


Well Said’ Patience is a Virtue, When it’s all done and said with all Our Builds! The Mount Will be the Final Wrap’ Then we get to Wonder what to Build next.


As I stated in my post, I was sure I would get some disagreeing opinions…which is OK. That is the purpose of this forum, to share opinions, and I stand my mine. I am a big fan of Mcarbo parts and this forum. I have learned at lot here on this forum as well as spent a bunch of money on Mcarbo parts I have shared my POSITIVE opinions with everyone at my local ranges about the great products I have installed in/on my Sub-2000. But, with the good sometimes also comes the bad. I am fully aware that R&D takes time, and sharing the process with the brotherhood for feedback is a great idea. But, keeping the brotherhood better informed would help answer the many questions posted above about “when is this going to be out”? People are willing to wait a long time when you keep them informed. This is obviously a highly anticipated part, so how about a weekly, by-weekly, or even monthly updated on where we are at. I know the Mcarbo team is busy, but it would only take two minutes to give us am updated on the successes, failures, setbacks, modifications, and updated release dates so everyone was in he know. Go back and count how many times people have asked, “when is this going to be out”? It is a bunch, some better communication would help to keep us informed and answer the questions being asked.


You’d think but disagree and provide facts and you’ll get whole posts deleted. The funny thing is, the original posted back in the day looks better than this. Huge disappointed for what was proposed and then the result. Either way, people seem to fail to realize this was PUBLICALLY released in May.

As for your disagreement, this isn’t Samsung mentioning the S10 last year or 2 years ago or a movie hinted at. It’s a small company with no real ability to just do what they want and instead do what they can. Now, I’ll agree the responses are pretty poor here from the company itself for things and instead we’re going off, well nothing. They respond on FB more which is interesting, it’s where the price is mentioned but never posted here. Pretty much their social media/marketing team is a bit on the just enough side and forgetting everything else. Can’t blame Chris too much, given he’s the boss so in a way, sure, but it’s tough running a small business. He just has to trust people are doing the job but THE mod of this forum should be head of marketing IMO. It’s what we do and other companies I’ve been with. Well bigger ones have enough people under them but still…you get it.

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Better to take the time and get it right the first time, IMO. Patience is a virtue… or so they say. LOL Love the anticipation.


So after reading this forum, I decided to email MCARBO to see what they had to say about the optic mount. This is their reply (with in 10 minutes of my email, great customer service):

“We are currently working on the final prototype and then we’ll be starting field testing. We’re looking at a mid2019 release with an MSRP of about $100. The optic mount will lower 1/3 co-witness with the iron sights.”

Hopefully everything runs smooth for them and we can get a release this summer.



@Kona MCARBO might as well have just said “Kona Testing”.:grinning::+1:


@dave67 why does everyone think i break everything? :joy::joy::joy:


FINALLY! We get an estimated price, which isn’t bad at all. I’ve been wondering/asking about that for a while, now. LOL