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First Look! New SUB-2000 Hinge Optic Mount - Prototype


I think the design is about as flawless as it can get. I am ready to see these go to the production line. As far as co witness goes just make the optic mount absolute and us lower 1/3 guys will figure it out from there haha


Lower Co witness is faster and less cluttered for follow up shots.


Both have their positives/negatives… it’s as personal preference as calibers.


That piece is not an easy one to make for a folding rifle, and still maintain zero. While not getting into much machine work, I’ve gone through a couple of iterations trying to find a way to mount an optic, and each had it’s compromises.

The current version that Chris’ team is testing now looks to be a good unit, and looks like it provides the best of compromises such a piece of equipment inherently has.

Can’t wait to get one on our S2K!!


I have to commend you for having an idea & following through with a model of a terrific design. This is a good no great start for a simplified design, to go with a simplified rifle. Keep up your the good work.


Has the MSRP of this been guesstimated?


Probably just over $100. I’m going to say $120ish


This makes the most sense. Absolute allows everyone the option to get what they mddddg


Any update on release date?


It’s almost comical at this point. We keep getting teased with tidbits. LOL

But, seriously, this mount has been in development for well over a year. Even before this thread started. I remember the video(s) way back on Facebook before this separate forum even started showing a “proof of concept” mount that was a working plastic 3D printed model. I do wonder what the holdup is.


@Wedge I knew it had been a while, a year for the mount and the Trigger Bar was?
Hopefully it’s not a last minute color change!:thinking:


The trigger bar didn’t take that long. Not nearly as long as this mount. There was a delay for something, but I don’t remember what it was. I got one of the early trigger bars to beta test. They went up for sale to the public very shortly after the guys who had them had a chance to test them and report back.


@wedge companies make this mistake all the time. The only thing MCARBO did wrong was to announce the mount too early. If they waited til Shot Show last month to announce it nobody would even be talking about this. No big deal in my mind :+1:t2:


Yeah, I’m not blaming MCARBO for anything. Just looking foward for it to be released, that’s all. I’ll bet Chris was just eager and excited to share with the group what he had started working on way back then.


All seems normal business to me. Many unseen factors… this is arguably, bigger and significantly different than any other product development / release (an actual sub-assembly)… add in the once-per-year marketing opportunity of the industry’s biggest trade show AND more importantly… the collaboration with KT. I would imagine the archons…errr… attorneys are busy racking up billable hours…err… i mean providing mutually beneficial partnership documents… final design sign off, vendor lead times, sourcing first run materials… first run tests, buy-in and sign off of your new partner… sounds delightful. @ChrisNelson just do your thing… due diligence on the front end. Praying for peace and success good man.


Been a while since I tossed in my pocket full of change …

Chris showed it at shot. It has been announced as the most significant option on the M2000. These two events mean release is imminent. As shot approached, I determined to watch for it at shot 'cause from a company like M*CARBO an announcement can make or break a reputation based on time to market following the Shot announcement.

I will bet it is finally M*CARBO’s top development priority since the M2000 project now hinges on releasing the Hinge Mount.


bingo. tru dat. I gotta find a way to be less verbose.


@wedge I’m sure Chris also wanted to include us in the research and development process along the way. He probably could have avoided this by selecting a core group of people to discuss the mount with but it’s a double edged sword because he would also lose potential user input by doing so.


I first saw the 3D printed prototype video on the Facebook forum, so it went out to everyone there before this was even a place here. So, yes, he let that cat out of the bag way too early, IMO. LOL


On that note, they may not want it released before the specials so the specials are essentially more special at the time or released with at the earliest. If you release it too early and get mixed reviews, then the specials might not sell as well. Makes sense to release them all at once.