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First Look! New SUB-2000 Hinge Optic Mount - Prototype


If can’t offer an option then my vote is for lower one third

Gives you more target to look at for quick, tactical style shooting


Absolute Cowitness PLEASE!!! I’ve got my M*CARBO flip down peep sight on the rear that I can flip up when I need. Thank you!!!


If you designed it for absolute cowitness and provided a set of spacers or build in an adjustable spacer so that people could get the dot to 1/3 co-witness, that would be ideal. There is a lot of variation in the height of red sights as well as the height of the rear sight post (OEM vs MCARBO) and height of front sight (OEM vs Red Lion) so a variable adjustable spacer seems to make the most sense.


@Scooter that seems to be the 70% general consensus. Hopefully @ChrisNelson hears our request and does this with the design. Basically Absolute co-witness with flat rectangular thin washers to add under the picatinny rail to raise for your desired height for co-witness preference.


Id prefer 1/3 with the riser option to cover everything as well. Different strokes for different folks…lol


One last thing to point out besides being able to add height to an absolute co-witness rail. If the mount is NOT absolute co-witness, the highly capable members of the Brotherhood may just take a 1/3rd co-witness to a bandsaw and cut the rail off. Then take both cut portions to a belt sander or just manually put a shorter rail to MAKE it their preferred absolute co-witness. I hope that @ChrisNelson has enough foresight to not create a product that others will just end up having to modify on their own at home.


Just got my Sub 2K. Can’t wait for this clever idea to be available. Would like to see nice laser itching designs on it to make it more eye appealing.


He doesn’t have to worry about me doing that… if it isn’t going to work for me, I’ll leave the Romeo 5 off and use it on something else (getting a PTR 9CT when I move up to Maine). It would be awesome to run the mount direct to a Micro red dot… but again, that just makes it a more narrow of a product. Going to be difficult to figure what works for the greatest number.

I really prefer absolute, but if it comes down to lower 1/3… I’d do it. Or… something like the Aimpoint PRO, which is somewhere between. All of my red dots are setup to run cowitness, and would prefer to leave it that way across the board.


Absolute all day. With you being prior special forces and myself being in law enforcement it’s hands down.


Wow, can’t believe this thread started in MAY?!?! Still not available? :frowning:


I mean, it hasn’t been been a year. How long do you think R&D takes???


The mount goes back well before the start of this thread. Most of the R&D was already done, as evidenced by the very first post. Just some cosmetic changes after.


Yeah the history with M*Carbo has been pretty fast from idea to release. This one seems to be taking a little longer for some reason, not a huge deal, just an observation. With Shot Show taking place I would have thought that would be an excellent time for official release news.


This mount is perhaps the most complicated piece MCARBO has designed yet for the S2K. It’s not a single machined piece. It has moving parts and very tight tolerances are needed for holding zero after zillions of cycles from folding down and snapping up to stow/fold the rifle. And, that also requires an extremely solid mounting to the rifle design. We’ll get it when we get it, so just come up with something else in the interim. I’m using a QD optic mounted right to the factory Pic rail. :+1:


@ChrisNelson… Just saw the hinge optic mount on the shot show video. Really wish it could be folded flat to the side of the weapon. The way it is now its adds to the width which detracts fro the appeal of the compactness of the gun. Possibly double hinge set up?


The last thing something that has to be very stable like an optics mount needs is another hinge joint. Things would start to get rickety and where would the optic go? LOL


What about putting the hinge on the bottom, and making an L? When you fold away, it would likely protruding the side profile, but likely less than it sitting perpendicular to the vertical plane…


Creative idea but I feel that 2 hinges regardless of where they are located will cause an issue with consistency of holding zero. The fewest moving parts will provide the greatest stability and consistency.


Wasn’t saying to do two hinges… just do the one, but have a plate that runs along side of the handguard/mount plate, with a 90 to get the overhang over the barrel.

Not going to be anymore variation than the current design, but solves the mount only swinging 90 degrees… which will cause issues in storage. Doing that isn’t going to keep the gun as streamline as it would be stock, but the width of a micro red dot is likely less than the height of it, with the rise to get whichever cowitness you want.


@ChrisNelson. Ok ok I hear you guys. Lol. Upon second look there seems to be no other way to have it be reliable and maintain zero.