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First Look! New SUB-2000 Hinge Optic Mount - Prototype


Pardon if already stated, but what is the anticipated “for sale” date?



Last thing I saw or read was Chris would have a working “prototype” before Shot Show 2019 which is Jan. 22-25.


Nice, seems like the way to go, hope it happens.

Ahh … Shot Show … the candy store for gun nuts!


Too many pokers in the fire hope no one beats him too it


I like that! Or a quick disconnect.


Another design change in optic mount…thoughts?


Hammer see your style engagement for more secure lock up and faster deployment. Springs aren’t showing in this.




i like it. whats roughly the overall height when locked in use?


I don’t understand the lever and fulcrum under the hinge? Is it hit the extended piece to flip up? Then slap the optic to deploy for use? Maybe if I saw the mount in both positions I could better envision.
From the image it would seem that the grey part would prevent folding?


@Gatekeeper my understanding looking at it is it snaps in place and then when you push down on the “button” it releases the tension and allows it to fold. I could be wrong. Snowboard bindings called “step-ins” operate the same way.


@Gatekeeper Looks like the lock position release like on a magnifier for AR Gatekeeper.


Similar operation as the AR-15 sear and hammer. Unfold the SUB2K and push down your optic until it clicks. To release just tap the lever on the side to release the “hammer/sear” lock-up.


Bingo! Just like snowboard “step-ins” @ChrisNelson ! Awesome! @gatekeeper if you look at these bindings, your boot passes by the latch and locks in. To release the tension and allow your boot to escape, you depress both those yellow tabs on the side down. Pretty secure and fast process! Like this idea way better Chris!


I like the four pegs where it will insert into the left side handguard. That will be secure!

I dig this design! Thumbs way up!


I like this design a lot. ETA on when it will be available?


Does this design allow it to fold still? I assume so but it looks like part will sit on top of the handguard


Interesting, looking forward to seeing a YouTube video of a prototype to really understand how it’ll work. When folded, would the optic rest loosely on the plastic area above the grip? Anything to prevent the optic from knocking around? I’m thinking about guys that put their Sub2k’s into backpacks, as opposed to padded cases.


The ski boot comparison helps. Thank you I believe I understand.