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First Look! New SUB-2000 Hinge Optic Mount - Prototype


@DivaMarie I’m not sure you wanna see the abuse I put it through if I get one…:joy:


@Kona Isnt That the Whole Point Of the Road Test’ Come On Ya know you’ll get One Your Dad’s Favorite Beta Tester ! :rofl:


@DivaMarie fingers crossed we’ll see :crossed_fingers:t2:


@Kona So Logan I know you would be great for testing the new hinge optic mount but you say you never fold your S2K so do you think you would really use one of the new mounts and start folding your Sub? It’s like having a convertible and never putting the top down.


@dave67 if I’m given one to test, it’s gonna be tested proper brother. All facets of its use.


If it holds up to @Kona abuse, I think it’s safe to say it would certainly meet and exceed what I ask of it for sure.


put me in coach! I would give it the black water swamp test, thats everything, including accidental submersion (it happens,) except i would let a gator chew on it…:point_right::crocodile: jus a lil one though 7 ft and under…


Based on history, it most likely won’t be a request based choice. Chris has historically run a participation contest where the top contributors over a certain time period are the “winners”, like the top 10 or so, who get to beta test a forthcoming new product. :+1:




cant wait for them to be available


I just happen to have a Primary Arms micro red dot waiting for the Hinge Optic Mount AND it’s my birthday…just sayin’!


@Kona Of Course the First time you show up for your next Shoot’ It’s Going to be Worse than Show and Tell! ( I Want I Want) Was Heard by the Crowd.


Yes… 1 step closer.
I have a Holosun that has been waiting to get married


NOW! We’re making progress!! Other than a LRBHO option, this is one of the things I think the S2K really needs. I come to this forum primarily to check on the status of this item. Thanks, Chris!


@Aravena, I had one of the 45-deg mounts, and it took a lot of adjustment to get to still be able to fold and latch the rifle for storage. It also seemed to move around a bit, probably from having to push on the hand guard a bit to get the folding latch to catch. We always ended up putting a few rounds downrange to get it zeroed back in when we took it to shoot. Not an optimal setup, IMHO. YMMV, and it really depends on the mount AND optic choices you make.


Well, what’s the latest? Bought a new Red Dot sight today so I’m itching to put it on. I definitely want the MCARBO folding mount because my S2K rides folded in my GHB.


Will this still function and fold properly with the universal sling mount installed over the “castle nut”??


Yes, as mine does right now. The folding optic mount won’t change anything in that regard.


When I get back on my feet I plan on cutting the hinge to make my S2K a take down. I think you can “hook and lock” just as quick as you unfold and that solves the optic and storage issues!!

@Kona posted a pic of one somewhere. I really think that is the way to go versus the optic mount.

@Wedge mentioned how quick and easy it is to attach the holosun…and he is right! But I would like to make it a 1-step procedure vs a 2-step job.


Do you folks have any plan to make a castle nut which dosen’t have to be glued on, similar to the performance Services LLC version? If not, will your sling mount work with their threaded castle nut?