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First Look! New SUB-2000 Hinge Optic Mount - Prototype


Not really. I’ve been lagging a bit lately. LOL


HOOT … just HOOT. plus bust’n a 20 character thing …


YUP. plus bust’n a 20 character thing …

And, I wasn’t even the one who came up with that mod, either. Others discovered the usefulness of it before me. :wink:


Am just surprised no new updates or new pics of mount feel we been put on the back burner


Not that online that much or on this site been dealing with health issue been sick or under the weather for a month now miss chatting here but got to get better


@Jefft1967 noticed you haven’t been around, hope you get to feeling better soon.


Not sure what’s wrong with my body but just can’t seem to shake this sickness but after a long discussion with my wife and getting insurance again back to docs hope they can find out what’s wrong


@Jefft1967 Glad to hear you are moving forward in trying to get whatever is wrong taken care of, good luck with everything.


Me too never been sick or under the weather for this long


Ok guys don’t post so much have a hard time keeping up with it lol just kidding but toke me about a hour to clear all topics


We’re going to have the 2nd Optic Mount Prototype this week!


@ChrisNelson outstanding! Just in time for Christmas :+1:t2:


:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:. If your looking for testers I volunteer.


@ChrisNelson, I would like to volunteer to help test the new optic mount. I can do a direct comparison against the Midwest Industries mount.


Ooooo! Ooooo! Pick me! Pick me! :raising_hand_man:


…this is going to be good!

I am in line waiting to order the mount. Already deleted the MI mount and awaiting the Mcarbo mount.


@ChrisNelson, I would be honored to assist with the development of this awesome product. Not buying any other mount because of the upcoming product from this team.


As someone even on the fence about using optics, I think I would be good for it. True unbiased opinion and whether it could change my mind about even adding an optic. Right now I’m leaning on the 45 angle one over any other aside from the possibility of this. Also down the road from Kel-Tec :wink:


Answer: Arghhhhhh …
Question: What sound does Dred make when he dances a jig?

Enjoy that mental image Mateys 'cause I just found out when @ChrisNelson posted the latest.

I’m gonna need 2. One is for the M Series I haven’t even bought yet.


@ChrisNelson So When do we get Kona’s Report from the Range ?:grin: