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First Look! New SUB-2000 Hinge Optic Mount - Prototype


@KM55 how so did you mount it properly? Like with a backer or something similar? Pics would help if you have them.


@CatFood, I posted photos of the mounting in the firearm issue Category under (never mind I will post them again it’s faster then trying to find them.

IMG_20181006_103619034%20(640x480) IMG_20181006_103949510%20(640x480) IMG_20181006_104351265%20(640x480)



I feel you on the appearance of quality. It seems to be squared by spring tension against the forend. This is where my doubt RADAR is alerting and I s’pose I’d have to try it to find out how it works out in practice.

I think/hope/think we are in the final hours of our wait, so I didn’t cruise through Home Depot on my way home. It looks like a fun project and I’m tempted to duplicate it just to see if not mentioning zero was an oversight or a strategic choice.


@Dred I am going to tackle this just because I’m curious now. The MCARBO mount is a no go for me until I send it in for retrofit (gen1) anyhow. I just want to know now.


@Flogrown I gotta admit I am a little underwhelmed by the prototype myself.

I guess will have to just wait and see what the finished product looks like. :+1:


@Johnksg I’m just not sure if I like it being screwed onto the sub and there to stay. Definitely going to make it solid but I just feel it will kinda be in the way at least for me. They beat the Midwest mount as far mounting location though. Because of the mlock attachment the Midwest mount IMO mounts too far down the handgaurd. I would rather my dot be a little closer to the eye


@Flogrown I was hoping for a receiver mount as well. Not sure the hanguard is stable or true enough to mount upon.


@Johnksg @Flogrown I am certain the hand guard is stable enough as so many people claim the Midwest Industries product can hold zero nicely. Personally, I have my doubts because of the wonky upside down trapezoid and spring on the rotating mechanism. That in conjunction with the plastic floating over the barrel and so far out from the receiver. But there certainly have been enough people that claim it stays true to POI.
With that being said, IMHO I have heard too many bad things about the M LOK connection on the plastic guard that I will not invest in it. But the threaded plate that Kenny shows looks pretty darn stable compared to the small surface area of the M LOK t-nut I would put my money on the plate holding zero better than MI after a S2K dropped in the field.


Okay guys so the optic mount how to videos I posted above in the second video when the “machinist” is showing the plans pause the video and get a load of the name where it says drawn by. I about fell out my chair. That’s how I know it will work.


@flogrown so is the guy in the video Chris cousin?


@Kona I was just wondering the same thing. That video was like 9 years ago. Do you think this could be how M*CARBO started? Someone has some explaining to do hahahaha the FBI would call this a clue🕵️


@flogrown he says in the description his cousin drew up the design…:thinking:


@Kona precisely, I wonder if this is how MCARBO started out. Kinda like Walt and Mickey Mouse a man and a dream hahahaha


@Gatekeeper we all know the issues of the clamshell handgaurd. How the pic rails are crowned and narrowed and must be given the @Wedge treatment.

My concern beyond zero is now you have a big lever hanging off of a piece of plastic. I can see accidental broken hanguards! :astonished:

I just don’t like the way it looks…needs to be slim and sexy! :grin:


Not sure what you mean by that. LOL

Ohhh… You must mean how I filed the “peaks” down flat for a repeatable optics zero. :+1:


@Wedge a bastard file to take out the crown of the rail. :+1::grin:


Yeah, I just got it. :smiley:


@Wedge it is known as the “wedge treatment” among certain members! :+1:


First I’ve heard of that. :rofl:

I know of at least one person (who shall remain nameless) who took me to town over it and Pic design specs saying it was a worthless endeavor even though it DEFINITELY worked on mine…and many others’ rifles, too… :wink:


@Wedge really? A post you missed? And you like EVERYTHING! lol