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First Look! New SUB-2000 Hinge Optic Mount - Prototype


That looks pretty different from Chris’ version. His has a flat folding plate, not a folding block. Also, that would be way too high for me. I sure hope that’s not the latest MCARBO version. LOL


@Wedge Having a low pic rail and then attachable different height risers would be the way to go. I did see a later picture with a block pic rail.


I hate to say it but I agree with @Wedge.
I am just not really liking the looks of what I am seeing.


Oh, I see. That would be fine. It just wasn’t like what I saw in the pictures at the very top of this thread. Giving people the option of using risers just provides even more flexibility.


@Johnksg There will be alot hanging off the side of the Sub when not in use. The different height risers is just an idea, I have not seen anything like that in pictures of the mount.


@dave67 I was thinking of that and the sheer mass of that mount. I want a carbine to be light, quick, and simple.

I would like something sleeker.


It doesn’t look any higher than my current setup. My only concern is it looks heavy.


If you look real close at the tape you can see the lines for the skeletonizing.


@Kona Yeah, the sight in the photo is close to the normal sight plane of the S2K - maybe a half to three quarters of an inch high. Just visualize that rear aperture in the photo deployed.

Just curious @Kona; what is the height of your mount?


This looks awesome. Couple thoughts ran through my head:

The plunger in front is way too big. The beauty of the sub is its compact and nothing you don’t need is sticking out. If this was streamlined a bit and still ergo enough to access instinctually, then its perfect. I see others commenting.

Too bad the springs are visible when open. Probably difficult to cover but would look better and keep all the crap out of it.

Maybe a weird thought but if the plate attached to the side to create strength then had something like a heavy duty LaRue flush type quick release that attached the whole unit to it, then you could flip the scope and leave it on, remove the scope, or quickly release the whole unit with scope from the side plate to store or just not use. This way its not semi-permanatly mounted to the sub and you don’t actually remove your scope from the unit. Might mess with zero but got me thinking its a nice option.

Looking forward to seeing this evolve and will be all over it when ready. Thanks for letting everyone chime in.


@ChrisNelson … I want mine like yesterday or sooner, but: look at what you’ve got right now. Now think about what it would take to incorporate this winning suggestion. I’m guesstimating that you’d 'bout double your market by providing a solution for the softcase packers that can’t handle an optic off to the side. I don’t know what you’ve got, but I imagine the optic base slipping back onto a twist lock post then being folded down onto a latch. Thanks for look’n.


Swing mount looks like it is coming along. Looking forward to ordering…


@ChrisNelson I think, and many comments in this thread seem to agree, the riser is just a little too tall. Is it possible to make the riser a bit shorter and let the consumer add what ever riser height they need? I personally want it to be as short as possible to keep the folded thickness as slim as possible.
See my sh!tty drawing. Thank you for your time and consideration.


@Gatekeeper, I agree, when I first saw this cad drawing I was worried about the height. I’d prefer the lowest rail possible and if I need to adjust I’ll add risers.

With this design you can’t go lower only higher. To me the stock sights are the perfect height for me. So if it remains high I won’t be able to use this flip mount.


Hey Chris,
I know it’s late in the game but has the R&D thought or tried a slide to the side instead of a swivel.


Just finally finished with the modifications on my SUB-2000 (.40, M&P magazines). Got the updated trigger bar today… all works great together. Hopefully, you don’t make anything else that requires me to open it up again. I had my full with that.

I picked up a SIG Romeo 5 from a Black Friday sale, and just held it up to the top rail. With the tall base, it looks like it will cowitness the sights perfectly (notched rear). Hopefully… the new mount will allow similar cowitness with the low mount. Can’t wait to get one. Might even pick up the brass deflector whenever it comes out/I order it.


Putting this here for those that do not like the height of the new MCARBO optic mount. @Gatekeeper @CatFood Looks like an easy enough alternative

In all fairness to @ChrisNelson I think the mount was designed with the riser that high because alot of people were complaining about cheek weld on the sub and having to get on that buffer to get a good sight picture.


HOOT … gotta love a sight mount how to that makes no mention of repeatable zero’s. It may hold fine but I prefer videos that answer the obvious questions.

And, I’m gonna step out on this here solid look’n limb. Chris knows risers are CHEAP. I’m pretty sure he’s gonna give us either 1) a mount that is so low we’ll have to reach down to make adjustments, or 2) a mount with adjustable height.

I think what we’ve been looking at was built to match the height of a competitive offering. I think this facilitates internal testing and comparison.


@Dred I hear ya on the zero but looking at how it was done and it looks like a pretty fine job I would say this would have to be as solid as any other mount. I may try this myself just to see how it does


After the issue with the Midwest Industries mount coming loose and falling off all is good. Since taking the fore end apart and mounting the mwi mount properly it has been Rock solid and holding zero even after multiple folds and deploys.