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First impressions on the Beretta M9

She’s all cleaned up, lubed and ready to go. Did a deep clean as is my SOP. Did a bit of dry fire, using snap caps and was impressed with the stock, out of the box trigger in both DA & SA. I had the M Carbo trigger kit, SS guide rod and factory “G” kit. (G kit is an OEM conversion for the safety/de-cocker to de-cocker only, like the hard to find G model 92) I was so impressed with the factory trigger I had reservations about installing the kit. Well, since the slide was coming apart anyway…and I already have the kit…

Installation was easy (great job with the video Chris) and all of my goodies were in, under an hour. Dang! What a difference. Made an already nice trigger even better.

Two small SNAFU’s worth mention. Removing the safety (required to replace the firing pin and ejector springs) my 1/16" punch seemed too big and was difficult to remove. The other was the sear spring was really fiddly to replace. Other than that it went smooth.

Raining as I write, supposed to be clear and nice tomorrow, which is good, today is LEO day at the club anyway. Looking forward to running my M9 with these improvements. Italian beauty made in the USA.


think the one on my M9 takes a metric pin size, I will double check it tomorrow for you brother :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


I’ll freely admit i have a somewhat (very) biased view of the m9, I hate it, but that comes from being issued a shot out absolute pos of an m9 with garbage magazines when i was in the army. Also, i’m not a fan of slide mounted safety, especially because it is backwards…


Richard, the absolute best thing I did for my 92 was purchasing the NP3 Optimized Performance Trigger Bar from Langdon Tactical. It is a little pricey, but this trigger bar made my 92 a whole new animal. The DA is like butter and the reset is amazing.

LTT trigger bar


Thanks Buck. I suspect it is metric.


To be honest, I’m a bit surprised this is the only mention of “issued” M9’s. I get it. The M1911A1 I was issued was also worn out. I had the privilege of shooting a fresh '11A1 prior to boot camp and knew how it should shoot.


Thanks Scott. As soon as the sticker shock wears off (wife) I plan to add that and a steel trigger.


Love my 92! This was a picture before replacing the trigger bar. Fast becoming one of my favorites.


Dig the skeleton hammer and stainless trigger. I notice the LTT grips. I’m planning on the blued myself. You have the extended mag release?


Yes, all of this came standard on the Elite LTT. It was pricey, but to me it was worth the cost. I spent 845 before the transfer of $20 and background check $10.


In my case the first 92 variant i shot was the m9a1, mine was an ancient rattley pos with who knows how many thousands of rounds through it and who knows how many half hearted rebuilds that occationally got through a full mag with out choking. Ive shot a number of civilian guns including some pretty nice custom guns, and a brand new right out of the box military M9A2, but fair or not i just cant get over that m9a1 i was issued and carried in iraq. Had 0 confidence in it and it stayed locked up in my wall locker when i was out on mission i rathered use the weight for an extra m4 mag, frag or a liter bottle of water. I only really wore it to the dfac.

Ive thought about building a nice 92g a couple times, but just cant get past the experience with the m9a1 i was issued and convince myself to buy one.

I dont want you to think im shitting on your choice of pistol, my hatred is confined to the military guns.


No offence taken. I understand where you’re coming from. A big part of the problem as you said was half hearted rebuilds of the M9’s. Living in a military town, I get the opportunity to speak with active duty as well as retired military personnel. Current opinion of the M9 is split down the middle. The new Sig (M17?) has yet to be issued here. I’m fortunate enough that I can have both the M1911A1 and the M9, and enjoy them for what they are. My preference lies with military arms or the 92 would have been my choice.


Sweet! Paid 548.00 for mine plus $32.50 BGC & Transfer fees. Does the LTT have the G kit installed too?


Yes, It also came with the following:

  • ​Vertec/M9A3 Slide
  • Front Cocking Serrations
  • G-Model Decock only
  • Dovetailed Fiber Optic Front Sight (.110 inch wide serrated)
  • Square Notch Serrated Rear Sight
  • Stainless 4.7 inch Barrel with Target Crown
  • Solid Steel Guide Rod
  • Beveled Rear Slide
  • M9A1 Frame
  • Exclusive Radiused Trigger Guard
  • Stainless Steel Trigger
  • Checkering on the front and back strap
  • Skeletonized Hammer
  • Ultra Thin VZ/LTT G10 Grips
  • Stainless Steel Hex Head Grip Screws
  • Beveled Magazine Well
  • D Model Hammer Spring
  • Flush Main Spring Cap (No Lanyard Loop)
  • Oversized Magazine Release Button

I paid $650 for my 92FS in 2014 and its value used is still the same or has gone up. Other than being a whomping monster not suited for concealed carry, it’s one of my favorites at the range, probably because it’s heavy - lots less felt recoil to make my arthritis worse. I’ve never used an M9 so I can’t comment about them, but the 92FS - when it’s been taken care of - is very high quality compared to many. I do know I’d have been concerned carrying it in a sandy dusty environment because of the open slide. Other than being worn out, was that a factor in its reliability @Chris19d?


Rediculously high round counts, indifferent maintenance at both unit and depot level, and crappy mags were the main issues. It didnt run right clean and lubed so i didnt carry it on mission (except when crewing a bradley fighting vehicle, i carried it then so i had an option to opt out of burning to death if the vehicle was on fire amd i couldnt get out) other than that i just carried it to get food at the dfac or when working on the FOB we did a pistol range maybe 2x in 15 months in country and it didnt run any worse than usual.

Open slides are kinda a double edged thing they let crap fall in, but they also let crap fall out of the gun.


Thank you for your service, sir.


Chris, the first .45 I shot was a service 1911A1 dated 1943, made by Singer. That was in 1983, it was IMHO the worst firearm to date I have ever shot, and it was considered "10/20 standards by both our unit and 3rd shop level armorers. Jam, was an understatement. I had no issues with the M9. I know some seals tried shooting Sub Machine gun hot load 9mm rounds caused the slides to come off. To be fair they were using hot loads, not what the pistol was designed for. Any Military Pistol that gets 40 years of wear and tear needs to be retired or rebuilt at depot level, not the unit armorer.