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First day at the range with the Sub 2000

Finally got out to my buddy’s range behind his house. Took the Sub 2000, along with the Sig 226 and 229. My buddy has his new highpoint 10mm. I got the Sub sighted in shooting 2-3 inch groups at about 2 inches high at 25 yards. I shot my friend’s 10mm and I must say, it had noticeably less recoil than the Sub 2000. I wasn’t expecting that but it is quite heavier and has recoil mitigation built in to it. I put 102 rounds through the Sub and it really ran flawlessly. I saved the Promag 32 round magazine until the very end. I have seen that some people have had feeding problems with that mag, when the Sub is set up to run Sig 226 magazines. This magazine ran flawlessly as well. I shot the whole magazine just about as fast as I could. This is the result at 25 yards. OK I think. As an added bonus, I picked only 1 tick off of my leg!


I’m sorry, but this is all I got out of your post…I’ve got a bit of a problem at the moment, I’m a Sig P22x junkie in denial. :rofl:

So, uh, who got traced for the silhouette target, you or your buddy? Come to think of it, it actually resembles Pierre McGuire a bit, eh? Sorry for the obscure hockey reference… :grinning:

But seriously, glad you had a good first outing with your Subby. Extra points for netting the little blood sucker. :+1:


I brought those along for my buddy to shoot. He wants to get a MK-25.

It would have to be a lot bigger than that if it were one of us lol


Sweet pistols. I got to shoot two P226s before getting mine, the 1st was a Mk25…it was the vector, where the addiction blossomed… :grinning: