M*CARBO Brotherhood

Firing Pin Retaining Pins

Just wondering what the brotherhood’s thoughts are on these little buggers. I was searching the interweb for some spare split pins and came across some solid retaining pin options. I’m still using the factory split pin but reinserting this little bastard when cleaning my AR’s innards is my nemesis, specifically getting it to pass through the far side pin hole on the carrier without hanging up or attempting to split itself. Anyone out there using the solid pin alternative and, if so, what are your thoughts?


I’ve always used the split pins. They do what I need them to so never seen the need to do any different


always used the split pins as well. "dont fix it if it aint broke " train of thought, but, some of the guys i used to shoot with used those, only thing i noticed was if spread to much the lil fork ends break off easy…
if i break one, I can get another at a hardware store,or auto parts place, one buddy kept a bag of those things cause you had to order em.


Yeah, it takes a “touch”. For me. I’ll stick with the “cotter key”, too used to them to change.


I’ve done a bit more research on these and it seems the solid pins are not without issue, specifically the small retaining ears breaking off, either during insertion or when trying to remove the pin to service the firing pin and bolt carrier (I’m guessing a punch is needed as you can’t really grab the head).

So far I’ve only found inserting the split pin to be a minor PITA, but I’ve always managed to get it back in with a bit of fat-fingering and swearing…and haven’t broken one yet. Appreciate everyone’s opinions and feedback, like the rest of you I believe I’ll stick with the split pin. I thought/hoped maybe there might be something to the solid pins when I discovered their existence. I suppose if there was some real advantage to them then someone would be using them in a factory firearm and that doesn’t appear to be the case.


The solid pins work great for me, never had a problem. As far as the split pins, I use a vert small screwdriver and guild it in.


I was a little curious about these myself, but not enough so to order any.
The retaining pin can be a pain in the rear, but it does it’s job, once installed.


I have found that putting a touch pf grease on the end of the split standard pin and spinning it in my fingers slowly as you stuff in in the hole works well for me.



My solution lately. It either goes in easily or I try a new one.
Sometimes that is all it takes. And holding your mouth right.