M*CARBO Brotherhood

Firearms News Article pg. 44, Dec. 2018 Issue

just a heads up… got the latest Firearms News in and there’s a nice article about the s2k 9mm - 8 pages with lots of photos - subject is in the ‘bug out’ vein… looks like the author is also an amateur radio operator (at least a Technicians Class - i’m a long-time ham, so good to see some other folks in publications!)

bizarre-looking optic mount on pg 54 (not something i’d do)

no mention of the Brotherhood though…


i do like FAN for its historical coverage… (as an aside, avoid Handguns - that rag is trying to scam me into auto-renewal, says i signed up for it when i didn’t, won’t answer phone to cancel subscription - ackpht! terrible business model)

on the Gulf of Mexico