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Finally shot my SUB-2000

Shot my SUB-2000 for the first time today at 35’. This thing is crazy accurate, I love it. Can’t wait to add mods to it now.


Good shooting, Tom, and welcome to the Brotherhood. Mine’s crazy accurate at 50 yards without optics and I bet yours is too.


Mine is chambered in 40 and I fell in love with how accurate it is I know that my local range is only 200 yards and there is a certain amount of humor when you can fire at the steel Target at the dirt and you may not hit it but you can look over the sites and literally wait for the round at impact

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@DEADBROKE Welcome aboard. Nice shooting. You’re invited to join us for this month’s match,
August “Great Green Gobs” Match The Sharpshooter Series


nice, I get nice tight groups as well, it is quiet and consistent for sure, will little to no recoil, 9mm.