Finally got a replacement bolt

Well, I had mentioned a couple months ago that my s2k had wallowed out the charging handle hole in the bolt and pretty much eaten up the recoil spring pin.
I got a new handle and pin from Mcarbo on warranty just fine, but they would not provide a bolt carrier, probably since they didn’t manufacture that part …
Keltec had no bolts in stock.

I did finally get a " heavy " bolt carrier from Keltec last week. It’s brass however and not exactly a work of the machining arts. Not bad, just not blemish free as they say. I polished some edges and such just to make me happier.
I fought that silly spring locking pin thingee and did end up winning the battle and the locking pin is indeed seated properly in the spring and I didn’t even lose an eye or anything major …

Went back together and this did in fact tighten up the charging handle nice and snug and everything seems to cycle just fine.
I will try to get some ammo through it this next week to see if the heavy bolt works well or not . I’m not all that concerned with any recoil issues I just want the rifle to cycle properly and not have the bolt eat my locking pin or charging handle.
This s2k has maybe 3 thousand rounds through it but a lot of that has been light reloads that are a tad dirty IMHO .

I think I must have assembled the s2k without properly seating the locking pin and then fired several hundred rounds which caused damage to the pin and to the bolt itself. Maybe. Probably …
I’ll let ya know how the heavy bolt works out, but it " feels" good as far as the handle and pin being tight with the bolt.


I’m interested on how that heavy bolt works out. Keep us posted!


AMAZING, 3K of rounds.
I’m hoping for at least that much and am also standing by for your field test.
Best of luck.


Hello All, Well, I would try some graphite lubricant on the moving parts, as they are of different materials. Micro inches, and smaller imperfections, would benefit from the slippery stuff. And, the weather would not be as noticeable on any wearing of parts. The only downside is it is colored black/gray. Brass shiny particles might be seen, but the others not so much. Best of luck.


thanks for the awesome information.

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I see I forgot to update this thread after I got some rounds down range… my bad !

I’ve taken the sub out to play three times since I went to the heavy bolt carrier. It has functioned very well in all respects.
No failures to feed.
No ejection issues at all.
No firing failures.
No deterioration of the charging handle or it’s hole in the bolt carrier.
No big change apparent to me as regards felt recoil, but I might say
it’s a tad softer I suppose. Recoil is no big issue on this carbine IMHO.

I’ve put maybe another 4-5 hundred rounds of FMJ reloads through it
without issues. So … I have to say it has worked out just fine.
Would I go to the heavy bolt carrier if the standard OEM bolt was not
eating itself ? Nope, I’d leave it alone.
I still think I probably caused my own wear and tear on the charging handle hole by not checking that the spring was seated properly on the charging handle every time… but maybe it just ate itself.

In any case, it’s doing real fine at this point and I’m still quite happy with this Sub2K.


thanks my issue has been fixed.

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