Figured out how to get a prism scope on my Sub2K and still have it fold

whMCarbo mount + Monstrom riser + monstrom 3X prism scope.

Monstrum Shrapnel Offset Picatinny Riser Mount with Recoil Stop Base | 8 Slot 3.5 inch | Low Profile

That’s the part that makes it all work.

Feels really good against the shoulder and eye relief is just right when you snuggle up like you should when shooting.

It’s clunky when folded but it does still fold. Id rather not add a quick release as that would just add more height.

I’ll update after trying it at the range but so far I think this is a real winner. Clears the stock rear sight even.

I prefer to have my optics as close to the barrel as possible but in this case it’s just not possible. That said the 9mm does drop significantly faster than a rifle round so maybe this height is a good thing because zeroing at 50 should keep it closer to zero at 100 than if I were sighting directly down the barrel. The 9mm has a 9" drop over 100 yards so the 3" rise should help



I’m pleased to say my range trip was a complete and total success!

This is obviously after sighting. 25 yards. That big hole? 30 rounds. The others around the outside? A quick 3 round snap from the shoulder.

I used a bench rest for the sighting a glorious hole manufacturing.

Then I decided to try at 50 yards:

Shot high. I’m sure it’s because the mount is so high. It’s kinda intentional because at 100 it should end up close to the center.

Now that scatter? I have to blame the caliber and cheap bulk ammo for that. I don’t miss from the bench. Ever.

Here’s a sample of my .308 at 200. Sig Cross .308, Vortex something to 24x scope (that scope alone costs more than the sub 2k…). Bench rest.

You get the point.

So after proving it works I decided to have some fun. 66 rounds, 3 round snaps from the shoulder fired under a second:

Ok maybe I need to work on that a bit… But oh boy is it fun!

Eye relief? Zero issues. In fact I probably could have moved back an inch and still had a good view. I’m 6’ tall with wide shoulders and have the stock adjusted all the way short. I like to hug my gun when I shoot. It just feels comforting. I get all warm and fuzzy when I smell spent shells. It centers me like playing with a puppy or kitten.

Mods: I basically went to MCarbo and bought one of everything except the brake and tube cover. Trigger, guard, bushing… Everything.

It’s a winner now! If you’ve been toying with the idea just stop screwing around and do it. You won’t regret it.

Monstrom 3x prism scope + rail riser above + MCarbo mount.

(Copied from the “what mods do you want…” thread so if someone does a search for mounting a scope this shows up)

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Second range day report:

I went to an indoor range. It’s only 25 yards but they do allow rapid firing. In fact they really don’t have many limits there at all! They’ll rent you anything from a Glock to a machine gun to a .50 BMG.

So couple things. The height of the optic is a problem. It’s just too tall. Left to right is fine but moving just 5 yards closer and you’re shooting low. Similar to what I saw going to 50 yards above but more pronounced.

So, MCarbo… Can you make your mount with a longer rail? Push it as close to the rear sight as possible? Seems like a minor change and it would put a scope lower and close enough to work.

On another note I took my laser off my 9mm pistol and slapped it on the S2K. Now THATS fun! Highly recommend it!