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Figure skating comp!

This is my Sunday started at 5am this morning! It kind of like a nervous intensity! My two older boys it was football and wrestling! So I could vocalize my intensity and that might be frowned upon in this crowd! Lol! I’m going to try to vent out later at the range!:grin:


they frowned upon it when I lit it up with girlchild at archery competitions…did it anyway LOL i tried to never miss anything with this one. they will always remember you were there…


Yep I usually never miss a practice and never ever miss a competition! We have another one in a month in Kansas City Missouri! As long as she is enjoying it that all that counts!


I used to skate freestyle, dance, and speed until I went professional and coached speed skating.
Once I became licensed speed coach I had to give up amature card :frowning_face:

Shit this just pooped up on topics and I realized this post is almost a year old…


Yeah, suggested topics, have got me a few times too.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I’ve always enjoyed watching speed skating! Now my daughter is doing figure skating and she is improving all the time! Most competitions have been put on hold but I hope things turn around here soon but I’m not holding my breath!

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Thats great! Remember us in the olympics!

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