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Fiber Optic x Tritium Iron Sights for PCC9

After contacting every sight manufacturer with a request for better front x rear sights for my Ruger PCC9 (Model 19100), for over one year, and being dissapointed with the lack of options, :eye: decided to make/adapt my own! :boom::boom::boom::sunglasses:

With a recent Front/Rear sight upgrade to my Glock 26 Gen4, with a set of Tru Glo TFX PRO Fiber Optic x Tritium sights, (recommended by Dane on M*CARBO Forum), I decided to “TRY” to go with the same for my PCC9.

The new sights are NOT a direct fit and took some modifying on my part…but it was easy after thinking about it for a few months and looking at many options and parts.

The Tru Glo Day/Night model is: TFX PRO

NOTE: These sights are intended to be used on a Glock Handgun.

The Warranty on these sights is 12 years.

Purchased at Optics Planet for $115.36 including shipping.

The Tritium/Fiber Optic light tubes are Hermetically Sealed, protecting them from gun solvents. The outer housing is CNC steel with “FORTRESS” Finish.

No light exposure is needed from the sides…a good feature with protected sight ears up front.

Standard exposed Fiber Optic light tubes are broken easily, and vulnerable to gun cleaning solvents.

The lighting configuration choice :eye: used is all green with an orange circle or “focus lock ring” up front around the front sight end tube.

This model sight system does not need a lot of sunlight to brighten up.TRU GLO makes an impressive and high quality sight system.

With my iPad, pictures of the front and rear sights will not focus on both at the same time…but they are bright and clear for these eyes.

The new rear sight sits on the Ruger Elevation/Windage Mount so it’s fully adjustable. The sight replaces the Ruger round Peep Sight or Ghost Ring.

The rear sight also has a favored U-Notch for quicker sight acquisition.

:eye: will upgrade pictures and make a “how-to” instructions if enough people would like to try this upgrade.

BETA Field testing is next…:boom::boom::boom::sunglasses:

Here’s what the Ruger Ghost Ring/Peep Sight displays the fiber optic front sight…it’s like looking down a dark tunnel…:sunglasses:


How many people is enough ? DO I COUNT as at least 75/80 poeple ?
So why are you waiting!!!
Give it up NOW. YES tell me how to do it ?
WHAT KIND of adhesive did you use.

Oh NOW I know why it is taking you SOOOO long to respond. Its the environment you use as a backdrop. NICE !!!


Veeeerry nice. Enlighten us, oh gunsight guru.


Been using those TFX sights on pistols’ for years now ! Good sights. Since it’s a carbine I chose to put a Vortex Strikefire 1-4 with a v-brite reticle. I think it’s the best of both worlds, a red dot & magnifying scope. The red dot ( 2.5 moa)is etched so I don’t get the starburst with blended eyeglasses. Great for very low light or no light. The scope has zeroing turrets so I can adjust for elevation & windage. There are others but this was my selection.


You got it…give me a few more days testing…:face_with_monocle:
So far :eye: love these sights!:boom::boom::boom::eye::v:

:eye: tried the OEM rear sight to compare, and it was like looking down a dark tunnel…:face_with_monocle:

These sights POP :boom::boom::boom:


Well, there goes my bank account. Again.

How’d you mount them? JB Weld?


@phuzzy42 Yes on the front sight. But there’s a few tricks involved…:face_with_monocle::sunglasses::grin:

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Just sent a message and pics to TruGlo to let them know what I did, and that they should pursue making them readily available for PCC owners. :face_with_monocle:

Will let you know what their response is…:grin::boom::boom::boom::eye:

Already got a response…

“Thank you for your email and pictures.
We’ll forward these to our engineering department for review and comment”


Just received an extra “FREE” skeleton high mount from Vortex. Thank you!:grin::v:

Next step is to chop it down as low as it can go and hand mill it…
keeping the irons functional and seeing if there’s any decent cowitness to be had…:eyes::sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:

Those sights look great but, 115 dollars is more than my mom will let me spend.

To be ready to WIN a battle, day or night, with fully protected front/rear steel sights
It’s worth it…IMHO…:sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:

YESSS! How to video please. :sunglasses: