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FFL transfer fees

I pay a one year fee of about $80 to a membership for sporting goods rebates and deals. Part of the deals includes no FFL or other purchase fees for guns. If you buy more than 2 guns per year, it pays itself off. Of course, they don’t make their money on these fees, they make them on bulk goods sales they have from which I also purchase. While they’re still making a profit by selling well below MRC (but above their own cost), I do okay by not having to get overly gouged during these interesting times. I’m sure if one does a web-search for free FFLs, you can can find such an entity in your state (that is the non-socialist ones).


I have to pay $20 cash even with a CWP in Rock Hill, SC.


$35 at my local lgs in Central Indiana, $25 per for multiple firearms.

Transfer fees are 99% profit since it only costs them a couple minutes to run a 4473 and maybe a minute to record it in their files. Other than that, someone else has taken care of collection, shipping, and taxes. I don’t begrudge them a reasonable fee since they’re taking a legal responsibility, but like @Slowest and @chilipepper can attest, it can be outrageously overpriced.


I don’t disagree with your point. But when I referenced not making money on fees, I was talking about my FFL not gouging and making profits off me through FFL transfer fees…not other FFLs who gouge transferees. I was also noting that in some states, you can avoid the transfer fees through various memberships. I’d note who I use, but not sure if that’s allowed.


2 years ago (tempus fugit) I bought 2 No Beto lowers from PSA. ordered em on line. on pre-sale 45$plus shipping.
then comes the WTF moment. I had to pick from their list of approved FFLs to ship thru.
normally i would go thru my Local mom and pop LGS but they arent on the approved list.
they charge me 15$ per transaction (if i order 6 items it would be for all 6) with my VA discount 20$ if i just used the CWP.
so i picked one of their approved boutique’s and waited. they come in I get hit with a 40$ FFL fee per item.
seems for some reason PSA wont ship FFL from their online store in Columbia to any of their stores. Their List of approved receivers pay to be on that list.
so needless to say I use the mom and pop for 95% of my transactions,and use PSA for small bits,sales, and ammo check.
for what i paid for the 2 no Betos I coulda bought 2 Danial Defense lowers…


Here is my second remark about this subject. My sons and I have traded guns back and forth for years but being in the same state (Florida) no big deal. Then we continued after I retired and moved permanently to my second residence in Tennessee.

Recently I found out that is a no no. :roll_eyes:
By the Federal Law we must go through a FFL if its a handgun, not rifle or shotgun (go figure)

There is a Bunch smarter than me here but just information if it has to be mailed to you its FFL to FFL however it the person is legally in you state and legally in possession of the handgun all you need is your local FFL dealer to do the paperwork. That includes background on you the receiver and a single transfer fee.
I did 5 transfers this way this week with one of my sons to get him and I legal. :innocent:
The Dealer gave me a break at $120.00 for all 5.
Now only a few left to do. :zipper_mouth_face:

Larry :wink:


I’ve been paying $25 here in Tacoma,WA


$15 here in GA but my FFL/gunsmith is a good friend and non-gouger


The guy I go to when I buy online charges $15, plus $10 for the background check (that’s standard for Wisconsin). I bought a pistol in Duluth, MN and had it transferred to the only gun shop in Superior, WI. They charged $45 plus $10 background fee

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Wholly crap! Remind me never to buy a firearm in or from TN! OMG…

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I afraid to tell ya but it’s not just in Tennessee.

When a firearm is given away as a gift or purchased from any dealer or from the e net and the transaction involves different states. Lawfully it is suppose to be sent and received by an FFL.

Sometimes a dealer will ship for free or have less expensive FFL charges.

I wanted that Beretta and my friend had it for me brand new never fired Italy.
I didn’t care about FFL fees or shipping . :wink:

Larry :innocent: :innocent:


Rual King is very reasonable in shipping and NICS

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I have heard that from my sons. I wish that store was closer than Morristown TN.

I do check the website occasionally looking for Beretta’s. Mainly the M9A3 and M9A4.

I do appreciate the tip.