M*CARBO Brotherhood

February's Match Targets


All set to go. A thank you to @phuzzy42 for this months targets. As always, any suggestions can be PM’ed to me for consideration.

A reminder that for all rifle divisions, those shooting with iron sights will earn a bonus of 2 points at 25 & 50 yards while a 5 point bonus for 100 yards still applies. Five rounds per target, shoot as many divisions as you wish but submit only one target per division.

Handgunners will be shooting the “Dead Man’s Hand” Hit the suit symbol (clubs) for 10 points, a hit to the playing card is good for 5. Aces & Eights

Riflemen in the 50 & 100 yard divisions will shoot this Rifle Target

For the 25 yard divisions we have a tribute to Anne Oakley. Annie Oakley A hit on Annie will result in a penalty.

These targets will print in gray scale.

All rules apply and can be read here. Sharpshooter Series Rules

Good luck, and good shooting.