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February Division A-1 Targets

Post February Division A-1 targets here.

Explain? What are the rules to each division? Or is there a sticky somewhere I missed?
Thank you.


Arrow - Do a search for the thread, “Match Talk”. You’ll find all the information you need about divisions, rules, and so on.

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Good shooting, @OldSpook . I have trouble even seeing 100 yards with a scope, letting alone hitting anything.

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Everything is here February's Match Targets - #4

A banner appears across the top of the page each month and will remain there unless you dismiss it. In that case the above link will take you there.

At any time you can quickly navigate to the relevant match threads by clicking the “all categories” box in the upper left of the home page. That opens a drop box, scroll down to “Mail In Match” click and all of the threads will be available to you.

Good luck and good shooting.

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Was shooting 125 yards.