February 2023 Match

February 2023 Match

Greetings and salutations shooters. Even with just 28 days this month, we still have 4 weekends for those so limited. So without further ado, let’s get going.

We’re offering a new target, “Duckies” submitted by @JoeFridaySays which brings back the old state or county fair, or perhaps the carnival that went thru town. Scoring will be as follows:

A hit in the red will score double while a hit within the circle will score points listed in the upper left of the target. A hit to the duck will score one point regardless of row. Five rounds for score.

Duckies Target

Our rules: Sharpshooter Series Rules

Iron sight bonus for rifles applies and is now extended to handguns as well. For the Handgun Divisions a 2-point bonus is now in effect.

Don’t want to shoot the Duckies? Our X ring and Standard Targets are always included each month.

X Ring Target

Standard Target

And we still offer the Progressive as well.

Progressive Target

Good luck and good shooting.

EDIT: @Dred Any chance of a 25 point handicap for would be duck hunters?

This is a fair request. Upon further review it’s been decided all duck hunters will be allowed a 25-point handicap.


5 double 3s will net a top score of 30 on the duckies target. Seems plenty challenging. Any chance of a 25 point handicap for would be duck hunters?


Fair request, note EDIT above.


Not to sound ignorant but on this i am completely ignorant. What is a handicap in this context? I know what they said it meant when i was “classified” as a child but thats a whole different thread :rofl: Ive heard of sports having handicaps meaning some sort of altered rule set to even the playing field. I usually stick with the x-ring target cause its simple like myself but in case i feel like doing some carny style duck huntin i want make sure i understand what this handicap thing means.


Handicap by adding 25 points to the score you shoot.

So, hunt duckies and hit one duck in the bill; miss the next four attempts. That duck bill scores 1 point, but the target scores 26 thanks to the handicap. The sharpshooter that hits the bull on 5 little ducks scores 30 points and the target will score 55 points.

Looks like worlds of fun, but probably more challenging than the regular target. The handicap just keeps duck hunters in the game.


Oh ok i was thinkin along them lines just wanted verify. And now that youve spelled it out i understand completely. To equal the same total points available on some of the other targets like the xring. :+1: thanks for clarifying i think them little ducks is deffently gonna be a challenge. I might have print off a few to try for 25 yard matches.


Hey, @Dred, asking for a friend…

If one were to hit a duck with a slug at 100 yards, standing, shooting into the sun, would that be a 50 point handicap? .
If one were to hit a duck at 100 yards, standing, with a SUB2K, factory sights, shooting into the sun, would that be a 50 point handicap?



30 possible points plus (in both of your examples) 50 handicap would make a possib!e score of 80.

80 is greater than the 55 possible points on the other authorized targets. This would not be fair.

I want to shoot the duckies. I think the duckies target wi!l be harder to max out than the x ring target. I intend to find out. I won’t be shooting it at 200 'cause I don’t have the skills required and I know it.


Hey Dred, I was just joking around.
25 point handicap is fine. LOL
Happy shooting,


As far north as you are, to be shooting into the sun, you must be pointing at Mexico. :arrow_down:


At 200 it could be a game of chance. I’m happy with 30+ points at this distance, so just putting at least one round on paper I have a chance to get 25+. Lower than usual, but not that bad!