February 2022 Match Announcement

February 2022 Match Announcement

Welcome back to another monthly match in our Sharpshooter Series.

Weather is still an issue for many, yet we had a nice turnout last month. The A Divisions are the most popular rifle divisions.

The iron sight bonus for all rifle divisions. For our new members…
25yd rifle divisions shot with iron sights will receive a 2-point bonus.
50yd rifle divisions shot with iron sights receive a 4-point bonus.
100yd rifle divisions shot with iron sights will receive an 8-point bonus.
Iron sights are any fixed or adjustable two-piece sighting systems such as peep, buckhorn or ghost ring utilizing a front and rear sight.

Standard rules are here: Sharpshooter Rules & Guidelines Rev 5-2021.pdf - Google Drive

Reminder. Five rounds shot for score per division. Shoot as many divisions as you wish.

Our standard target is here: Standard Target Sharpshooter Series

And the X ring is here: X Ring Target Sharpshooter Series

Don’t forget to get the wife/husband/kids/grandkids involved in our sport.

Good luck and good shooting.


Where do we post the targets?

If the division you wish to post to has not yet been created for the current month, you can create it yourself or ask, and I will create the topic.

Should you wish to start the divisional topic yourself, be sure to do so in the “Mail in Match” category.