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Favorite Things On Amazon: Wish List & Recommendations

Here’s all the gun cleaning and storage and all that fun stuff that I acquired from amazon, some of this stuff I have on auto order so it just gets shipped to me monthly and I don’t have to worry about running out, let me know if you have recommendations on my list of stuff.



just thought I’d share some of the things I use and want, let me know if there’s a better product I could be using or if you see anything I shouldn’t be using. I will probably add more as my wish list grows…


Hey man, great resource list! I didn’t even know about some of this stuff. Thx👍


I appreciate that you appreciate my list, I wanted to share my resource and maybe get some ideas to add to my list to make things easier, if your a prime member on amazon, I think most if not all of these items ship free 1 or 2 day, I don’t have time to go to the store every time I run out of cleaning products or I wouldn’t have time to go to the range so I just order a bunch of these things online to make it easier on myself. I hope the list is useful for all the M*CARBO brothers!


that is a great list :+1::+1:

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I highly recommend the foam swabs, those things are awesome for those hard to reach places and is much better than the cotton swabs, although I still use cotton swabs for certain situations :+1:


I started using them about ten years ago and now use them on all sorts of things to get into those tight areas to clean. This is a slightly larger pad for bigger areas.


If you go to the link and scroll down, there are other sizes available, they have spiral pointy ones for those really hard to reach areas and big fat ones if you want to cover more ground, I get a box of each and put them in my cleaning kit, very nice! It is very good for detailing cars too btw

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Doh … added link to Ballistol then looked to see @Omnivious has been building and had already included a Ballistol link.

So …



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forgot about these, I like the maglula better but some people will swear by the ETS CAM…

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Not Amazon, but if you load 22lr stick mags - you want McFadden’s Lightning Grip Loader.

Lightning Grip Loader

I promise this cheap, flimsy looking thing is the best thing going for 22lr stick mags. I fill my Marlin mags and my 22lr 1911 mags lightning fast with zero dented thumbs. I dont think they have an adapter for rotary (10/22) mags.


They don’t have an adapter for my savage 64f…:persevere:

I actually went out to see which other gun uses a compatible magazine. No luck thataway. I can only suggest sending them an inquiry to see if the mag is compatible with one of their existing adapters. The savage mag looks like plenty of others so that is a maybe.

It really is that good. Last weekend, I shot all of my mahs empty. I had’m all loaded and ready in about 3 minutes. I probably had 15 mags in my pile.


The savage 64 mag is the worst, I love the rifle, it’s dead on at 100 yards sub moa but loading that pos magazine keeps me from shooting it as much as I want, I went to the range yesterday and my thumb was raw from loading the damn thing and I was only loading 5 at a time just to make it a bit easier, still couldn’t go through more than 150 rounds, good thing I had my s2k there for a break…

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Birchwood Casey 31002 Lead Remover and Polishing Cloth, 6-Inch x 9-Inch

Removes all those nasty rings on the face of my stainless steel revolver cylinders. Cut into 1" x 2" pieces, they work well.

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oops kit consists of the following.

  1. firing pin
  2. firing pin spring
  3. firing pin pin
  4. extractor
  5. extractor spring
  6. extractor pin
  7. mag release spring
  8. safety detent
  9. safety detent spring
  10. E Clip
  11. washer