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Favorite Online Stores

I have a folder on my bookmarks bar with dozens of guns/parts stores.
And I visit and buy from each of them. But some stores stand out.
No. I’m not affiliated with them nor benefit from this post in any way.

Obviously for Sub2000 parts/upgrades, my first and only stop is MCarbo.
As well as trigger kits for various firearms.

For AR parts that store is AR15Discounts. Great selection and price.
It’s my first stop when starting a build or looking for replacement parts.
These guys process and ship orders very expediently and cheap.
You might shop around and find a few items cheaper elsewhere.
But when you add the other sites shipping in, you lose the deal.

For guns, it’s gotta be Bud’s Gun Shop. Again, great selection and price.
Also like AR15Discounts, the service and processing times are exceptional.
It’s not quite as “one-stop” shopping as AD, but it’s usually my first stop.
I do shop around and occasionally buy from other sites when I see better deals.
But I do buy more guns from Bud’s than anywhere else.

Oops, I forgot ammo. But that’s an easy one. Target Sports USA
I pay the $95 membership fee and save much more than that on shipping.
Plus, I get typically the best prices around. Shipping times are adequate.
They have a great selection on most calibers. A few hard to find offerings.


Target Sports USA gets my ammo budget too unless it’s for an oddball caliber that they don’t carry. The Prime membership that you and I have is an outstanding deal.

For me Buds Gun Shop and Grab A Gun are neck and neck. Price and availability seem to always be a moving target between these two.

Never used your AR Discounts, will have to look that one up, thanks.

Palmetto gets some of my budget too with their Daily Deals. As well as Midway for shooting gear. Lastly Gun Mag Warehouse often has mags that I’ll pick up. Their shipping sure is slow tho.

There are other odds and ends but those are usually my first and last stops it seems.


A new one that I’ve recently learned of is
Good for ordering projectiles for those who are reloaders.
Pretty limited selection but it is quality stuff.


I forgot about Buds Gun Shop. Gotta check there for my newest wet dream. But one of my go to stores has always been Kentucky Gun Company. Got great prices there, but the current situation has kind of killed the inventory, as most places.


Just checked Buds for current wet dream. KGC has Buds price beat by $300. However, they do not offer the 3 year financing that Buds offers to make it s little less painful. That being said, both are out of stock, like most places even before the panic. Between my finances at the time and stock levels, current wet dream is proving a tough nut to crack…


My main go-to for uppers and lowers is Aim Surplus.
For surplus guns, Centerfire Systems or Classic Firearms.
Aside from Bud’s and KGC, I find great deals at Prepper Gunshop.

Almost always buy my mags here. Also agree on the shipping time.
But they have the best selection and generally great prices.


@Jperr Joseph just curious what’s that wet dream your looking for



I could tell ya, but then I gotta kill ya. Lol

But on a serious note, that new Colt Python with a 6 inch barrel…I’m in love. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Had to edit the first post. MCarbo is the obvious choice for S2k upgrades.


When I can find the gun, I can’t find the finances. When I can find the finances, I can’t find the gun. And sometimes I can’t find either. But I’m hijacking the thread here, so I’ll just leave a pic and drool. And move on.


i would too… I think the Python is sexy as hell


my favorite online store is still Ebay

Then Vances Outdoor


It’s a beauty. I can’t seem to get myself interested in revolvers.
I had three, years ago, all S&W. Two 38’s and a 357 magnum.
I enjoyed shooting them. They were also stolen with my p226.

One revolver that does peak my interest, just a bit, is the Rhino.
It’s so odd and brilliantly designed. I bet it would be fun to shoot.


I use https://dkfirearms.com/ a lot for magazines they are sold out of the python there price is $1499.00


I like this store too. Great for surplus and modern firearms.


Ammofast.com had great prices on Aquila Super Extra High Velocity 22LR and free shipping and no tax before the shortage.

Prices are up some now but they are fully stocked on Aquila 22 LR.

It appears that there is a flat shipping rate of $14.95 now.

Bought a few firearms from Whittakerguns.com in Kentucky…good deals.

And oh yes on M*CARBO!!! :sunglasses::v::us::boom::boom::boom:


Best price I’ve seen so far, @Whitehammer. Unfortunately, still sold out. But I’ve saved that to my favorites. Thanx.


DK really needs a “notify me” button.


I agree with you 100%


Ranger Point Precision is my first look for lever gun goodies.

Optics Planet (HRFUNK for 5%), Midway USA and Brownells are frequent stops for grabbing bits.

Ammo Supply Warehouse (22 TCM and generally great pricing), Target Sports USA (prime for free shipping and decent pricing) and Bone Frog Gun Club (Police Trade-in Defensive Ammo and LE Packaging available to me) are frequent stops for ammo.

Primary Arms and Palmetto State Armory for Stoner gun bits.

MCARBO, Diversified Innovative Products and Performance Services all offer boutique parts for finishing touches.

Gun Parts Co (Numrich) for used and impossible to find bits.

Gunbroker, Texas Gun Trader and Armslist round out my list to keep my finances from turning black.