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Favorite M*CARBO Mod Or Part

So far my pick for current production favorite
MCARBO upgrade/part for the S2K is the trigger kit.
I call mine the M
CARBO Tec 2000.


Hmmmmm… :thinking:

Nice setup, could you post a photo of your forward grip. looks really different. Thank you



who makes the forward grip, I’m looking to replace my old on it is very loose.:cowboy_hat_face:

FAB Defence TF-7
You get a 7 positions vertically or horizontal,
With quick detach and water tight compartments the whole things Rock Solid = Bomb proof.

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Thank you for the information, going to check it out.:cowboy_hat_face:

Toss up between trigger kit and new recoil charging handle.

The problem is all the upgrades have made the sub a better weapon.

All the recoil focused parts make it more pleasurable

The trigger kit much more accurate

Ramp rear sights metal trigger guard are nice to have but add to the enhancement in there own way.

All the parts seem to synergistically improve the weapon.

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I completely agree with everything you said.I’m also under the impression that M*CARBO S2K parts greatly improve overall reliability at least that’s the experience I’m having. My gunsmith worked his magic with the trigger kit and it is just sweet! that’s all I have to say, it’s that nice compared to the stock Kel-Tec trigger.

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I have done the trigger spring kit and the two finger charging handle along with the recoil pad. the gun shoots so nice, trigger pull 5lbs, no recoil to speak of, and the charging handle doesn’t pinch the fingers anymore.:cowboy_hat_face:

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All great Mod’s, but which one is your favorite?

the spring kit, the factory 10+lbs for a trigger is really bad. after the mods were installed I went out and shot it and I was very happy with the results. the range is only 20 yards and I only used the iron sights!:cowboy_hat_face:IMG_20180223_184547812%20(480x640)|375x500

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@KM55 the link doesn’t work for me. I agree that spring kit really changes the SUB-2000 m*carbo should be very proud of that one in particular.

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I will try again to get it to load. First time using the Sub2000. the hits outside of the target was from using my red dot. it is way off. the small group to the upper right was using the iron sights. The rest are when I found the sweet spot in the iron sights.:cowboy_hat_face::us:


Ss feed ramp was the game changer for me. And that trigger kit.


@Italianhorn,pick=:+1: :+1:

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Haven’t done the stainless steel feed ramp, waiting until money is available.:cowboy_hat_face:


Have done every MCARBO upgrade on my Sub-2000 Nickel Boron in Glock .40 and the one upgrade that stands out is the recoilless charging handle. The stock charging handle is an absolute mess and the larger diameter MCARBO handle makes it much more enjoyable.


I agree, the SS ramp is a must for reliability. The photo shows what happens to a plastic feed ramp when an empty cases extract but has failures to eject and bolt slams the empty case into the feed ramp. It actually took chunks out of the ramp and one even embedded into the ramp. This was caused by intermittent failures to eject on the last round, I have figured out the what was causing this and corrected.


I totally agree that is a great mod! The trigger kit for me I’m not that good of a shot I need all the help I can get and the extra heavyweight brass Bolt! helped a lot.
I shoot the heavy 200 grain hardcast Double Tap and my personal favorite Underwoods 155 g.xtp that one in particular is a screamer lots of power coming out of the muzzle @1500 + fps=775 fpe “yeah baby” that’s why I was interested in the Kel-Tec platform to begin with.
Then discovering M*CARBO! gives the S2K the ability to turn it into a reliable HD/SHTF gun extraordinaire!