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Favorite CCW belt?

Many thanks to Dave, let’s support one of our own!


Im glad i could help the leather i used on your holster has a little more of oranger tan color naturally and once wet molded and dyed with the dark brown it took on these kinda burgandy under tones mixed with the Constantine cross you wanted done in black it really comes alive. And with the cross on holster and the roman numerals on belt i gave the belt a worn cracked look like a roman colosseum. I rolled the belt strap backwards a few times to lightly break the grain. Then once bonded and sewn to the nylon webbing inner layer and soft leather backing it gives that worn cracked appearance. But it doesnt hurt the belts structural integrity. Its purely esthetic.


I’ve got a couple of “go-to” belts for carrying, but by far the best I’ve ever owned was a rig from The Beltman which I’ve had for over a decade. Double thick and made to my exact size, secured with heavy-duty Velcro. He also makes 'em with a “stiffener” insert, but the double layer belts do need 'em, IMHO.

When my elderly dad complained about not being able to find a belt that actually fit his little 29" waist, I turned him on to Beltman. We measured him using the directions on the web site, he picked his colors and materials, and was very happy with the result. He had belts in 28" (too tight) and 30" (too big), but this one was “just right”.

Great customer service and made in the USA… doesn’t get much better than that. I’m still using mine after a couple of decades of service :slight_smile: YMMV.

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I’ve got a couple of tactical belts, I also bought a belt from Milt Sparks, although it’s just a tad bit big. It’d work if I were using it with an IWB holster and a full-size gun, but it’s about 2" too long at the last hole for me. Right now, I just have a cheap-o leather belt I bought at Wally World, but it’s heavy enough that it holds up the holster with no difficulty.

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I’ve read that you should put on your belt with the pants (and holster) you’re going to be using most, and then try to get it into the third hole. If you can get it to the fourth hole, that’s not a problem, but if it only goes to the second hole, you need a bigger size. I have a 36" waist, and when I ordered my last belt, I read to add 2" to it, not 4". This belt is actually a leather ammunition belt (similar to the one Tom Selleck wore in “Quigley Down Under”.) I ordered it in 38" and it fits perfectly over my pants and over my other belt and OWB holster.

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I just ordered this belt buckle to add to my Hanks Gunner belt. I saw it on my recent trip to the Smokies. I liked it, but it was kind of overpriced in that tourist trap. I found it online at Tractor Supply of all places for 10 bucks cheaper. So I’ll post pics when I actually get it.


A morale patch belt buckle.


I got a really good leather belt from Urban Carry


I bought one for Bigfoot belts and then I bought one from our own @HandyDave
@HandyDave is much nicer and fits better.


Blackhawk instructors, use for OWB with springfiled xdm sub compact as well as springield OSP.

Have a lighter Atomic Bear for IWB S&W .38

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