Favorite Beer: Domestic, Micro Or Swill?


Our local beer distributor picked up the Yuengling brand a few years ago. It replaced the Miller Lite real quick in my refrigerator.:yum:


@Don68 Yuengling is always a good choice. I got really tired of lite :beer:. Budweiser replaced the lite beers for me if I’m not getting the local stuff


never cared for the light beers, sorta like drinking decaf coffee… no point LOL


Just tried Bud Light & Clamato Chelada for the first time, tonight.
Actually, I tried it a lot. LoL. Off-the-freakin-chain! Loved it!
I’m now wanting to buy some Spicy V8 and experiment with other beer.


Budweiser for me reb label none of that light crap and i was just in kentucky workin and was able tour the four roses distillery great bourban but id have to say my favorite store bought liquer is jim beam black its very smooth. To any of you gentleman jack drinkers try the jim beam black


But the best liquer comes out of the hills right here in my state of NC top shelf and high proof

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Happy Saturday night brothers! :beers::beer: Happy shooting and stay safe boys

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Which liquors come from NC? I’m partial to the Kentucky bourbon myself. Some pretty good stuff being distilled here in Texas now also but it’s really small batch and expensive.


Some good homemade artisan moonshine and brandies

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We hit every celebrity bar in Nashville yesterday, drinking at least one beer in each.
Blake Shelton, Alan Jackson, Dierks Bentley, John Rich, Florida-Georgia Line
Kid Rock, Luke Bryant, George Jones and Poncho and Lefty’s.
I was mostly trying the local drafts, most of which I did not like.
I found one that I thought was pretty good, Music City Light.
Mainly stuck with it the rest of the evening. Good Times.