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Favorite Beer: Domestic, Micro Or Swill?


This is my favorite beer. Brewed in Pennsylvania since 1829


First time I heard of it I thought it was an import from China. Not available here in Wis.but I have made several trips to Ohio for our biker conventions and make sure I drink it (but only to excess) while I’m there.


Wasn’t available here in Indiana until about 2 years ago. Had it plenty of times at family reunions in Pa, so onve available here i made the switch. Prior i pretty much always drank Moosehead


I’m a reformed beer snob.

Hands down best beer my palet ever experienced: George Gale HSB (British that I don’t think anyone is currently importing).

I adore Guinness but the Jamaican’s run circles around it with Dragon Stout.

Duvel is my favorite Trappist elixir. Best enjoyed with a touch of carefully selected yeast to enjoy as the Monks intended.

Coors Banquet Beer is an awesome, budget friendly domestic.

Shiner’s Wild Hare is my current favorite IPA, but hangovers are mostly an other folks problem; I don’t get them.

But my absolute favorite beer based drink is The Irish Car Bomb - I am always happier after a Car Bomb. It’s 3/4 pint of Guinness set up with a shot glass filled half Jameson and half Baileys. Drop the shot glass into the pint and turn until returning empty pint to the bar top (it’s a big shot).

Beer is love.


I like an occasional Guinness - I will have to check out the Dragon Stout. You guys are making the Duvel sound interesting. I used get Chimay once in a while is it similar?

I remember when Coors couldn’t be sold in Washington and had to be smuggled in from Idaho lol.

The Irish Car Bomb sounds really good and I have had Boilermakers before but damn… I can’t quite imagine chugging a pint of Guinness (if I understand that right) lol

“Beer is God’s way of telling us he loves us and wants us to be happy”


Duvel is similar to Chimay. I much prefer Duvel, but to be fair, it was the first corked & caged I ever tried. It is difficult to pour and the head is dense and everlasting

And, you got the Car Bomb right. It comes with a surprise flavor that is most enjoyable at white wine temperatures and made with Guiness from a Tap. I much prefer Guiness at a Euro temperature and cans/bottles always land at the American normal Iced cold. Fair warning - get a designated driver assigned before starting the bombs - 'cause it’s always several 'cause they are liquid fun.

Warning on the Dragon Stout - it is sweet. I generally dislike sweet but the Dragon is a welcome exception.


Oh yes - that is the right way! :wink: :+1:


@Dred I enjoy a dragon stout, But i prefer a Guinness Extra Stout, Just a taste thing with me.
I love a irish car bomb on occasion as well. try a Nuclear Blaster, drop a gill of everclear or moonshine in a Guinness . truly legendary my friend. you feel the mushroom cloud expand as it hits bottom and the world becomes a friendlier place…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Absolutely! My brother’s in Portland. So I make a bi-annual trek during the Oregon Brewers fest. Heaven. Malbecs, stouts, lagers & my fav, IPA’s. And we’ll hit a couple of microbrew pubs…Amnesia, Ecliptic and,of course, Bridgeport. I’m in Chicago and the microbrew scene has just exploded in the last 10 yrs. I could be wrong but thought I heard Illinois now has the largest collection of microbreweries.


Maybe no longer a micro, but my favorite …
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA


My favorite microbrew is only sold in Wisconsin through the New Glarus Brewery. It is called Spooted Cow and is billed as a Farmhouse Ale.


I just had a Founders KBS (Kentucky Bourbon Stout) for the first time and it easily hit my top 3 for favorite brews. For liquor, I still prefer a Gentleman Jack on an ice cube.


Spotted Cow, one of my favorite go to beers if I’m somewhere they don’t have my Pabst. Not fond of the companies very liberal attitudes, but I still drink it.


Tonight I bought a bottle of Seagrams 7 Dark Honey to try out and a couple of $1.00 soco 100.
Anyone tried the honey Seagrams yet?


@jeffing65 Wild Turkey American Honey & Ginger Ale is my go to.


@dave67 I’m not big on ginger ale but that sounds good.
I’m waiting for my coffee to finish brewing then I will crack this open and give it a go.


Okay as a fellow Oregonian I do like my beer, maybe a bit too much? It was not uncommon before the doctors cut me off for me to drink 9-12 a day! :grin: (Hey I am irish, we metabolize alcohol faster than the rest of you.)

Favorites: Pyramid Winter Brew, just about any Ninkasi, and of course my Deschutes Twilight!!!


Have not had a beer since christmas. I do so miss it.


Yuengling is my favorite draft beer but it’s horrible from a bottle and worse from a can.
My favorite bottle beer is XX Amber. But more often than not I drink Nattys in a can.


I have always said there is only 2 types of beer worth drinking in this world, the kind you like and free.


I live about 1 hour from the Yuengling Brewery. Great place to visit. I have a few friends that work for them and they indicate it is a great place to work.