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Favorite Beer: Domestic, Micro Or Swill?


So one of my hobbies besides firearms is microbrews. Living in Oregon gives me a great access to breweries so I get to taste quite a few different beers. Anyone else here a fan of micro brews?


@aadavis94 I’m not really a beer drinker myself as I prefer liquor, but I do like some microbrews.
I lived in Boise in the mid 90’s and used to go to a place called Harrison Hollow. I have had Raspberry Wheat from several places over the years but they had the best I have ever tasted. It was outstanding. Hands down better than any other.
15 dollars a pitcher was a pretty steep price back then but a large pitcher between 2 people and you would need a cab or driver to get home.


either one of 2 beers. Guinness Extra Stout, or Heineken “BOK” Beer. other than that, ones in a while a arrogant bastard ale…


I like some of the red beers. Killians red and boars head red. The bar I used to tend at had boars head red on tap. I’m not sure if they quit making it on tap all together or just quit distributing it in our region but it was better than the bottles.


If I ‘could’ relax any more for a beer or two it would be a Coors Light… Sadly to say, with all my current meds I have not had a drink in nearly two years! I cannot say that I even miss it… That does not go to say that if a brother came by that I would probably offer and run out for them!


What kind of liquor do you like? If I’m drinking the hard stuff then I usually go for Jameson black label. If it’s a special occasion I break out the Jameson gold reserve.


@aadavis94 I normally drink Bacardi gold but i will occasionally buy something new to give it a try.
Or whats on sale. Canadian Mist, Seagram’s 7, VO, R&R etc. I do like the Jameson also.
For new years they had half gallons of Bacardi gold on sale for 20.00 so that’s what I bought last.
My favorite was Bacardi 151 but they quit making it. (i’m bummed about that) It was kinda’ pricey at 25 a fifth but it was worth it when I had the extra to spend.
I make my drinks in a beer glass. (Buckets or rock glasses are just to small and go too quick.)
A moderate single shot of 151 and Pepsi in a beer glass is (or was) a really good drink. It eliminated the harsh, high proof, turpentine/kerosene taste and it becomes a really nice sweet, drinkable rum flavor.
It had a different buzz to it too. Kinda’ a bit like an anesthetic.


Heck,151 is an anesthetic, that’s 75.5% alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is only 70%.


I’m a bourbon drinker. Makers Mark, Knob Creek, and Garrison Brothers are my poison of choice. When it’s beer, I like XX Amber or Shiner Bach. There are a lot of good micro brews out there now. I prefer the darker beers or the ones aged in bourbon barrels.


I bought some makers mark a while back.:+1:


liquor, that would be Hennessy Black Label Cognac, Don Q Ruhm, or Screech LOLOL


I was into micro brews and homebrewing years ago… pale ale, brown ale, honey wheat and stout. Never really developed much of a taste for the reds or hoppy beers. I even worked part time at our local micro brewery for a while helpin’ out with the brewin and cleaning and filling kegs - it was pretty fun but I swear I ate and drank and bought lots of pints and dinner for friends and never actually saw a paycheck hahaha Anymore I like just a light pale “off the shelf” ale like Kokanee, Olympia or some Stella Artois and maybe some Pendleton whiskey for sippin’ mmmmm good stuff. :tumbler_glass: :wink: :+1:


lol When I worked at our little brewery they had a brown ale we used to call the tequila of beer - it was up around 13% and it would just flat fricken wreck ya, turn you into an a$$hole, and give ya just as painful of a hangover lol


LOL Don’t quote, me but if I remember right, the raspberry wheat was 16%. It didn’t have a bad hangover or turn you into Mr. Hyde but it would put ya’ down. The no driving, hand over 1 eye kinda’ buzz.
I’m not into that hangover biz. The worst hangover I have ever had was about a year ago.
If I’m poor I will sometimes buy one of the high gravity tall boys cause they’re only a couple bucks.
I usually buy Steel Reserve when I do but I decided to try something different one day. It was the highest % of all the ones on the shelf. I can’t remember for sure but I think it was the Schlitz or Hurricane. I only drank 1/2 the can and the next day I felt like a bag of mashed a$$**le’s that had been dragged through a knothole. It was death warmed over for 2 days. BAD STUFF!


I’ve had a few beers like that. Some buddies and I have dubbed the IPA hangover the worse by far though.


Dukes Cold Nose Brown Ale from Bold City Brewery, or Nutsack from Engine15 my go to


My go to has always been good old Pabst Blue Ribbon. They have done some limited releases of old recipes. The first was Old Tankard, a 1935 recipe. On the malty side, very smooth, but no longer available. They now put out one call Pabst APA (American pale ale) also a little darker with a sweeter malty flavor and higher alcohol content. Never have been a fan of the IPA’s, don’t like the bitterness. Give me a good Bock beer. Being from Wisconsin, we were weaned on beer. Back in my very young days there were still a number of local breweries, and everyone put out a Bock in the spring. All went out of business by the 70’s. Now they call them micro-breweries. Good to see them carrying on the brewing traditions. We can all drink what we want to drink, not what the big boys tell us to drink.


you want one that will flat tear you out the frame and make you howl at the moon? Duvel special Belgium beer… but be advised ,duvel%20beer the hangover will be epic…


just that warning makes me shudder. lol


Not a big fan of drinking, cause just 3 beers affects me so strongly. Don’t like the loss of mental acuity and muscle control. That being said… Love the combo of a long neck Corona and plate of barbecued ribs. That is finger lickin’ good (KFC hang yo head :sleepy: )!!