Favorite Beer: Domestic, Micro Or Swill? Or are your Favorite Elixors from a Still? 🍺

Mad Dog 20/20 is made for distilling…20% ABV…Then the efficiency of the distilling equipment decides the final output.
The amount of time/labor/fuel/risk isn’t worth it. Much cheaper to buy it at the ABC store…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


The ol mad dog 20/20. Banana red was my flavor of choice. When i was a kid. Buy the wineo out front of store whatever he wanted and he would get what we wanted. I would never say i was underage. Ill say that i didnt have proper id.:joy: pull up at the bowling ally on a friday night in my 1991 Cadillac Eldorado touring coupe. Pop the trunk to show all the ladies several coolers full of brew. Then find out whos parents was gone out of town. But now days i wonder if i should have studied more and partied less. I know my body would thank me if i had.:joy: oh well you dont learn if you dont live. Just take ls harder lessons for some.


It’s the ol mad dog 20/20 trick. I saw how they distilled behind the bowling alley with a pressure cooker and coiled copper tube…talking about smart/educated HOBO’s…:sunglasses:


I did more research on this after my post.

I’m going to see what my hydrometer says about
my everclear.

I tried a shake test on vodka all I got were fizzy bubble that dissipated quickly. Now I’m walking around shaking all my liquor bottles.


Do it right! :sunglasses:…and don’t use a plastic test jar with high proof…or it will blow up…:scream:


It’s amazing that pre-internet days that MD 20/20 gained the nickname Mad Dog. I honestly thought that is what the MD really meant for a long time. Turns out, it’s actually Mogen David


Boones Farm Snow Creek Berry and Wild Berry Cisco is what the girls around here wanted back then.

To us the MD meant Mostly Distilled


Jungle juice. When we could get watermelons, we’d cut a hole in the top and drain a bottle into it.


I just learned something new !!
Its been Mad Dog literally the past 30 years until today.


Another fun one is the giant jars of fruit cocktail drained off and filled back up with rum. Let set a day and enjoy :tumbler_glass:

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MD 20/20, so-named because it was 20% alcohol and came in 20-ounce bottles .

Remember Thunderbird?

Dubbed as the " American Classic ," Thunderbird wine has been celebrated since the 1950s. It is a fortified wine, which was popular in the 1980s and 1990s. It has bottled at 17.5% alcohol by volume and best to serve chilled.


It was commonly known as ‘hunch punch’ back in my day…

When properly prepared it could drop panties for miles around!

The street hobos and winos in Atlanta were infamous for their propensity to guzzle locally-produced Polly Peachtree shaving lotion. The absolute cheapest high available. A bottle was something like 79 cents and the proof was high enough to keep them buzzed and happy. The AJC (Atlanta Jjournal & Constitution) newspaper ran a week-long series about it.


Oh my, I know what you mean.
My buddy on R&R got me into drinking whiskey sours in Taipei.
I HAVE never drank another. I lost my motel, my girl friend and dinner. :woozy_face:

Larry. :face_vomiting: