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Fanaticism and Polarization of Gun Forums

I do not have the intention of making this an “all knowing” thread. But, I have noticed that there is too much “Do it this way” and “That way is wrong” threads on nearly every place guns are discussed. I have noticed M*Carbo seems to be a more receptive place. Maybe it is just our community here. Maybe everyone here has the same objective. That is awesome to me. That is why I ask my questions here. This is not as much a question as it is a rant. If you want to rant, feel free. I support you (lol).

There are pearls of wisdom in these discussions, but are often crowded out by “fanatics” for whatever gun brand and claiming whatever they claim.

The subjective sides of gun ownership is astounding online. This is one of the very few forums I will follow. Seems like people here use their experiences over what “JoeBigGunsYou’veNeverSeenOrWillShoot@YouTube” says about something (Don’t get me wrong, I have probably watched most of these guys) “blah blah” is wrong because A and B. Even though, arguably, C and D are equally effective.

I feel that far too many people are doing themselves a disservice by being cemented into what they believe. I think being receptive to other ideologies helps us grow as humans (I don’t support socialism as I am a polarized Patriotic American). There are too many people whom live there lives with blinders on.
Some people are full of shit. Some people are very wise. Some people are retarded and not receptive to anything (about 10 percent of the human population IMO).

Rant over. You can slap the ejector rod to expel spent shells. :slight_smile:


Yea, I left a Glock group on Facebook (and Facebook itself not much later) because of that “this is the only way” bullshit. Someone was lamenting the fact that they couldn’t find a light for their G43. I suggested the Streamlight TLR6 and boy did I get ridiculed. Seems that particular light doesn’t live up to the standards of all the tacticassholes out there. I figured some light was better than no light. Silly me. So I left that group, bought an S2K, found Mcarbo, became an addict, found the brotherhood. And I feel like I belong here.



That’s interesting, I have the TLR-6 on my G42 and really like it. Other brothers have talked about coming here after other forums and said the same thing about belonging here or what a good forum this is.


Welcome, you’ve passed the entry exam. :wink: This is the only firearm-related forum I’m a member of and for some of the reasons you’ve outlined. This is how I put it to the brotherhood after lurking in the shadows for a bit, testing the water with my big toe…

It’s a healthier way of doing firearms on the interwebs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Methinks you’re being too generous with this assessment…surely it’s higher… :grinning:


I started way back in the early 80’s before Al Gore invented the internet, and believe me, there were some mega-assholes then too. FidoNet, and other worldwide forums had entire groups dedicated to assholiness. :smile:


When there is a conflict here… just go with what I say. I am always right.


Except THIS time. LOL


I feel like we could trace this back to when we were still grunting, pointing and clubbing our food, there had to be assholes back then as well… :laughing:


Of course there were and most of them were my ancestors. You don’t think I had to learn it, do you? It just comes naturally to me.


Can’t say for sure, but I’m pretty sure you’ve invented a new word…keep using it like the kids are doing with their lingo and eventually it will make it into Websters… :grinning:

Sounds like what you’d call a priest who’s a real jerk… :rofl:


I can’t take credit for that word - that’s been around since the 80’s too.

No, I’d say, “Bless me, Father Assholiness, for I have sinned.” LOL



I have one for my G27. As you know, the Glock sub compacts don’t have rails. Is it as good a a Surefire or some other pricey Streamlights? No. But for the price point, it’s not terrible. All I know is that it lights up the other end off a dark hall way pretty well. I don’t think its really designed for serious tactical operations. But don’t tell the Glock group on Facebook that.


I flew with that guy last month, think he commutes out of Jacksonville :joy::joy::joy:


Nope, he lives across the street from me.


That deserves two likes but I can only give one… :grinning:

…that’s his brother. Pretty sure the parents own the unit adjacent to mine… :rofl:


wait, when did we stop clubbing our food, i didnt get the memo…



I didn’t think you could read or I would of sent it to you🤪


wait… i gotta read too now???


@GOBLIN 2nd Question out of Newbie’s Mouth! First was when’s Pay day! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yeah this place is pretty rad if I do say so myself. This forum and the .308ar forum are the only pew related forum I’m a member of. I used to be on calguns but that place is a cesspool. I only check the 2a law sections for case updates.