M*CARBO Brotherhood

Family And Family Guns

When my mother and stepfather passed 30 years ago my brother and I split their guns. I got a few and he did to. One was a Higgins shotgun, that I have had fun shooting over the years. Some years ago my brothers house was broken into and all the guns he had inherited were stolen.
We try to get together several times a year and go camping. On your last trip I bought the Higgins and gave it to him. Feeling he should have a gun from the family to use or at least be in the house. When he saw the Higgins he new instantly where it came from. When I told him that this is now his gun it brought tears to his eyes.
Good to have a brother, family is what counts.


@Captainjack88 Nice story and an honorable gesture. Got to appreciate family while they’re still with us. :+1:t3:


GOD bless you for that. Wish my brother was still here to spend time with, Cherish your time together.