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Falsehoods And Myths

What are some of the falsehoods and myths about firearms and shooting that annoy you?

For example: people who do not know the difference between a clip and a magazine?

Let’s have some fun with this! :grin:


Since I am the OP I will start. One of my greatest gripes are people who tell me they don’t need to clean their weapon because they saw it pass some 5,000 round torture test on YouTube!

First, thing I want to tell these knuckleheads is a single test is NOT a representative sample. Statistically speaking such reviews are meaningless. The next weapon tested could just as easily fail at the 1,000 round mark!

Second, why would you not meticulously maintain a weapon that your life could very well depend upon? Would you take the same risk with say a parachute?

Stop being lazy - clean your weapons! :grin::+1:


@johnksg I clean mine every 2-3 range trips :scream:


I am frustrated beyond belief by the media, ill-informed politicians and others perpetuating the idea that “semiauto” means some kind of uber-deadly, fully automatic military grade weaponry. Ask the average person and the description they give you of what they believe it means will be that of a fully automatic weapon or something close to it. That is why polls asking people if they would favor a ban of semi-automatic weapons elicit alarming responses – because the responders simply do not know that they are voting to ban Uncle Joe’s hunting rifle, Cousin Eddie’s handgun and Grandma’s shotgun that she uses to keep critters out of the garden. They think they are banning fully automatic military weapons.

A 2018 poll of 1,500 adults conducted for The Economist by YouGov found that fully 55% of respondents either somewhat or strongly favored banning ALL semi-automatic firearms. Among Democrats and those who classified themselves as liberal, that percentage jumped to over 80% . The poll did not define the term semi-automatic or ask questions designed to explore the participants’ understanding of the term.

That portion of the actual Poll results can be found at this link: http://joefridaysays.com/SemiBan.pdf

You should be very worried about those statistics and make an effort to educate people about the difference between semi-auto and fully automatic (and essentially unavailable) firearms. Otherwise, ignorance alone may carry the day where your rights are concerned.


@JoeFridaySays why should semi auto be afforded more protections than full auto? People should be educated on the repeal of the NFA not on why semi auto is ok but full auto is danger bad. My 2 cents.


@JoeFridaySays @Kona

U.S. v Miller (hope I am remembering it right?) Basically since there was no defendant the government made its case unopposed based upon the premise that short barreled shotguns and automatic weapons were not in use with the military. :astonished:

Back then the interpretation was that any weapon in use with the military was protected for civilian use as well as being part of the militia.

Brian please feel free to correct me. I know you are an authority on this stuff! :grin::+1:


@Johnksg I’ve read every major gun ban thoroughly and wasn’t chiming in to discuss legality etc. I was running my mouth about semi auto and full auto being (should be) treated no different. :+1:t2:


It gets a lot more complicated with subsequent decisions. Right now, the defining authority is the decision in District of Columbia v. Heller which holds the Second Amendment does create an individual right to bear arms but recognizes the right, like those granted by the First Amendment, is not unlimited. The Court recognizes the right of regulation but leaves for another day the scope of permissible regulation. As for Miller, the Court states that it holds only that the Second Amendment does not protect those weapons not typically possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes, such as short-barreled shotguns. Of course, such a nebulous standard is no standard at all. Second Amendment protection also extends only to common weapons and uses and not to dangerous and unusual weapons.

Much of this legal mumbo jumbo was a way to find an individual right without actually over-ruling Miller which the Court is loathe to do to any of its previous decisions.

So you have an individual right to bear arms for self defense and other reasons that may be regulated - the extent to which is unclear.


@JoeFridaySays “shall not be infringed” sounds pretty unlimited to me but I fear I’ve waded a little too deep in this water.

Back on topic, it annoys me to no end when tactical guys dismiss competitive shooting as unrealistic and won’t participate because they think it will diminish their tactical abilities. :roll_eyes: shooting is shooting. I think many of the principles of both disciplines are interchangeable. Half the time I just think it’s a tac guy who might be a good instructor but not a great shooter and doesn’t want to be exposed.


I tend to think you are right on this one! :astonished:

Here is another myth that bugs me: if you store your magazines loaded they will somehow magically build a “memory” in the springs (like a battery?) and will not function properly.

No matter how many times this has been explained and debunked it is still accepted as gospel by a large number of shooters! :astonished:


@johnksg couldn’t agree more. I keep plenty of mags loaded full time and don’t have problems.


@Kona an empty mag is as worthless as tits on a boar! :grin::+1:


myth: .32ACP FMJ in a Kel-Tec P-32 is not an adequate self-defense round

on the Gulf of Mexico


Rule #1 - bring a gun to the gunfight!

I won’t pretend that I care much for calibers less than a 9mm/.38 but if you need a small weapon (and smaller caliber) vs nothing, then by all means do so!

People forget that the Browning designed caliber was once common with police and military and was even used in WW1! :hushed:



Slightly more powerful (due to longer barrel length), but didn’t Hitler commit suicide with his PPK in .32 acp? Seems it was powerful enough for that!


“Glock Perfection”. I love Glocks, but there ain’t no such thing. If there were, they wouldn’t be on Gen 5 these days. LOL


@wedge but no finger grooves now! :joy::rofl:


Importance of District of Columbia v Heller

Despite its limitations and verbal gymnastics, Heller was a great win for Second Amendment supporters. It clearly held there is an individual right to bear arms that is not dependent upon or in any way tied to the “well regulated Militia” language of the Amendment.

So the next time a gun control proponent quotes that language to you in support of their position, tell them it is irrelevant to the individual right to bear arms and cite Heller.


the whole “you clean the gun with the next round” myth, I dont know how man Lever actions ive bought cheap and just cleaned to fix em,
the term 'shotty" to me, thats 3 or four shots of Tequila ,
a shotgun chambered for 3 " will shoot 3" magnum rounds." you know how many LC smiths Ive had to recarve stocks for? 3" mag will blow em apart…



I totally agree with you John, I have friends that rarely clean their guns and then complain when they don’t function properly. I clean my guns after every use and enjoy doing it.