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Failure to feed after upgrade on PMR30

I recently upgraded my PMR30 with carbon all in one kit.
I am still having failure to feed issues. I am Using CCI maxi-mag 40 grain ammo. I’m still having the same problems as before sometimes after 1 shot sometimes after 3. Never able to get more than 3 shots without a failure. What do I need to do now? Any help would be greatly appreciated


The Norm’ with this Problem, Starts with the Magazine loading in the Proper Order&Procedure&Types of Ammo’ I’ve been using the 40 grain from Armscore for the(4) p.m.r.‘s I have for years and don’t have a issue. I also lube all my Bullets with ‘‘Hornady Case lube’’ before loading,or a dry Silcone as Others in the Brotherhood have tried,The reasoning for this is the fact that some of Ammo is coming from Overseas and they don’t lube the case in the Crimping stage of Seating the Bullet.
I learn this Trick from the Guy who designed the 22 TCM 1911
and built mine I lube all my rounds 9mm 223 etc before loading.
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I assume you polished the New Feed Ramp and Watched the Install Video as per M*Carbo.


Thank you I did polish the ramp and it looks good. I have not tried lube on the ammo. I will try this this weekend at the range and let you know how it works out. Thanks again


I had an issue with the mag loader - magazines loaded with it had a lot of misfeeds. Same magazines loaded by hand did not. Another problem area I had was the extractors. I had to send my PMR to Kel-tec because it fired out of battery, and they replaced the barrel and slide, including the extractors. I had far fewer misfeeds after that. Might be unrelated, but I’d take a close look at them.