Eye Pro, Nose Pro, Ear Pro for AIR SOFT Pistol

What is the acceptable level of safety ?

I recently took possession of an OLD FRIEND. A device i lent to someone, to teach slide and trigger control. AN airsoft duplicate of a P226. OMG how much fun :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom:

How much NOSE protection do I need ?


If your just using it at home, then eye pro only. But if you are going to play against others, eye pro that seals to the face minimum. When I played airsoft I wore one of those steel mesh lower face coverings, with impact anzi rated goggles. But I have seen people wear nothing on their nose/lower face, neoprene face cover, a handkerchief, ect.

But then again when I played rifles/pistols fps was 400 or 1.55 joules, and sniper was 500 fps 2.3 joules.

It hurts, neck/face hits hurt really bad. Bb’s can penetrate skin if close enough. I have been hit in the steel mesh on my covering and it has dented it.

Have tons of fun!


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Have tons of fun!
I had given my pistol to someone to practice slide racking (with NO AMMO) before she purchased a 365. 2years ago.
I just got it back today and put on eye pro. Then thought of putting on a bandana for lower face pro and just thought of starting an airsoft thread.
It is amazing how accurate the air softs can be.


Sweet, yes they are! My bolt action airsoft can drill a person 200 feet away dead on with a 5mm .40g biodegradable bb…minus wind lol.

Tokyo mauri is the bolt gun manufacture, converted it to HPA (high pressure air) like paintball guns use. Lots of mods on that gun. Way to much money in that stuff lol.

My pistol is a cz p07 clone, love it! Wish I could get a real one here in Kommiefornia. It is co2 powered.

Rifle is a generic m4 converted to hpa as well. Had a g3 para hpa as well.

Local field where I used to play is pretty rad. But stopped playing a year or so ago, just didn’t have the time anymore. But did a few multi day events similar to milsims but not as anal per guns/cammo/kit ect. Was a fricken blast. Also really shows you how out of shape we are lol.


I know this is a tad off topic but I was just researching what can be done with old fire extinguishers. There’s some crude full auto airsoft gun projects. I made an extremely dangerous one years ago with a 2 Liter pop bottle, piece of antenna tube for barrel, hooked to my air compressor with a modified blow gun attachment. Dang it was fun but it was a bomb in my hand. This new one will be fully portable. As soon as my barn gets rebuilt this summer it’s my first project. Maybe someone here will beat me to it and talk about it, give me some ideas. Airsoft is fun.