Extra Mag Carrier

All Things SUB-2000!
I’m sure this could be posted elsewhere, but damn if I can find where. Anyone see or have this?


The image on the site was awful… so I fixed it…


Now I can honestly say… :rofl:

And I would rather use this…


Seems like gravity would be your enemy with that upside down mag holster

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Agree with @TexasEskimo thats FUgly.
Not designed to fit within the S2k’s slim spacial consumption either. @dung, i bet the kydex is dimpled into the mag catch slot well enough to retain normal mags, but a big stick is likely to cause problems.
I wouldve designed it on a 45deg angle forward to help both these issues. Hmm… maybe i have some leftover kydex to try with.


Just keep clear of the charging handle.


Yeah, thats primary. Especially if you have the 2-finger version. Which i dont. i figured even with a big stick you might be able to get to 60deg before hitting the grip.

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Pants and shoes to go with it.

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Not even going to ask what you used for a search term on that. Lol.


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