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Extended magazine release for a lefty?

Hey folks,
I’m exploring buying the Sub2000 and I’m strongly considering the M-Series with all the add-ons.
Unfortunately, I’m left handed. I’ve handled the Keltec in my LGS and the stock mag release won’t be a problem I’m sure. I am a little concerned the extended one will be from viewing the Mcarbo videos/pics.

Question is, how hard would it be to go back to the stock release if I get the M-Series? I’m thinking the custom shop at Mcarbo just might have a few laying around.

Thanks for any insights and no, I’m not going to start shooting right handed.

Mark B.


Unless someone knows a way to squeeze that part into the handle, I’m thinking you would have to break the whole thing down. If everything would stay together, it would be simple. But they ALWAYS go boing when you take them apart. Then your basically starting from square one, watching a Chris Nelson video on putting the thing back together. So it depends on how much you want to learn. Watch the video on the all in one trigger kit install to see what you would be in for.


iim a ambex but a predominately left hand shooter. got used to it over the years as some of us are leftys living in a right hand world.
got used to the mag release on the sub 2 K by using the tip of my left index finger to fire, (pad) and the 1st joint of my left index finger(pad) to drop the magazine. easy peasy just tighten up your grip to eject. piece of cake
I think its easier to roll it that way than actually shooting the gun righty.


You DO have to disassemble the Sub2k to change the mag release, and you might as well upgrade it while you have it apart. Even if you don’t get the full upgrade kit, the metal feed ramp and hammer pivot pin along with replacement pins and screws are a must-have. I honestly think Kel-Tek should have made those standard - cutting a few pennies off their build cost by using inferior parts is poor business practice since it can have such a disproportionate effect on their reputation. You’d think they’d learn after previous quality missteps.

It’s normal to be a little nervous the first time you tear a firearm down farther than just a field strip, but honestly, the Sub was much easier than many pistols I’ve worked on, especially with videos like the trigger kit install to give you pointers. Take LOTS of pictures and watch YouTube videos, plus you can also ask for help here.


MCarbo is an excellent company. I am also a south paw. Yes the MCarbo extended mag release can be problematic for lefty’s. I am sure a call to MCarbo can get them to make you an M-series Sub 2K without the extended mag release, when you are ready to order.


I’ve installed most of the MCarbo upgrades to my gen 2 sub 2000 in .40. I was able to get everything reassembled and realized that man, as a lefty, that might dig into my index finger once I run it.

It turns out that when I took it to the range everything was working fine. Except my left index finger was releasing the mag after each shot. Curling my index finger around the mag release to pull the trigger isn’t going to fly.

I should have thought through this particular upgrade as a southpaw, so that was an oversight on my part.

What I considered doing is trying to find a way to soften (melt) the MCarbo extended mag release and rotate it upwards. Without damaging the pistol grip in the process.

But the clearance on the magazine release side just isn’t there. I will likely resort to dremeling some of the MCarbo extended release off and sanding it until it is similar to the Keltec factory mag release.

I’d much prefer that option to popping all that Loctite and stuff flying everywhere just to reinstall the factory mag release.

Y’all wish me luck and if anyone has better suggestions please pass them along.



Welcome to the show! I’m sure someone may have a better answer, but before you try heating anything…
See if a local machine shop of gunny will work with you
Any friends with a 3D printer? Some community centers/libraries even have them to rent time on now.

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As a lefty I experienced the same problem. I emailed MCarbo asking for a modified release for lefties but nothing came of it. I had in mind a hinged cover over the release that would be firm enough to resist the pressure of the finger but could be flipped up to depress the release. I finally got into the habit of placing the tip of my little finger of my left hand on the bottom of the magazine. The tiny amount of pressure applied by the finger tip stabilized the magazine enough to keep it from being ejected. Awkward, but it works. Obviously, it doesn’t work with extended magazines.


Just my opinion, as a lefty. If your LIFE could ever DEPEND on it, the last thing I would EVER want to have happen is to have the magazine inadvertently be released (at the wrong time). For a lefty, I would just go back to the stock factory Keltec mag release.