Explain Your Profile Picture & Screen Name 😶

What does your profile picture show or represent? Why did you choose your screen name?

I recently asked @chilipepper about his new picture in a PM and the response was very interesting and educational.

I’ll start. My current profile image is with me wearing my “undead zombie” contact lenses. I especially love wearing these in public… the way small children grab onto their mommies is especially satisfying. Sometimes I wear both, sometimes just one.

This is me with my collection of 10 different colors. Top left is my real eye color. I started wearing contacts in my past “occupation”… now I just like to change things up. Be different. Tattoos are forever, these come off easily.

EDIT: I added “& Screen Name” to the title.

My screen name… born 10 minutes from the artic circle and now call Texas home.


Because I radiate so much joy and happiness to those around me :sunglasses:

Always loved hazard placards. Amazing the points you can get across with just a picture.


My picture is Green Bay Packers Darnell Savage Jr. getting an interception against the Bears. I grew up 25 miles from Green Bay, and Da Bears are rival #1. Using Savage Jr is also a play on my screen name. And my screen name derives from the two motorcycles I’ve owned. My first motorcycle was a Suzuki Savage 650, and my current motorcycle is a Kawasaki Ninja 636


Thanks for the idea… I added that to the thread title. :+1:


My profile pic is from a artist I really like (who no longer posts up drawings), I’m a huge fan of anime so I used one of my favorite drawings as a pic.

My user name, is well catfood. I like cats and they like to eat cat food. I figure if they get hungry enough, they will eat me in my sleep. Hence catfood.


My new profile picture is a play on the design on my new cards all of which is in great thanks to @TexasEskimo for slaving threw christmas eve and Christmas day doing the design work and the computer mumbo jumbo. Even though the orignal design had schofield revolvers and i had to explain the difference between a schofield and the 1851 navy which we went with. The 1851 colt navy in my opinion is one of the biggest firearms in history that changed history. And my screen name is cause im so damn handy. Have worked with my hands my entire life my great grandpa fastened a small toolbox with tools to the steps on back of tricycle when i was toddler. And ive been taking stuff apart every since. And sometimes i get it put back together.:laughing:


There’s a multi-piece documentary on BBC right now about Hayao Miyazaki.


I love this Russian artist Lozhkin, he is amazing in his ability to spot small things and to display them in a unique manner. So one of the guys from his work ‘It’s not the time for smiles’ works very well for me:

My name Fedor is basically Theodore, hence Teddy. I’m Russian, hence Bear… wait, that’s not it. Anyway, I have a good reason for Beer in my name :beers:


Some powerful work he does…


He has depressing, cheerful and outright funny works.

They all are all funny actually, sort of.

Slogans on the pics are a huge part of it though. The one you posted is 'Oil, our mother (more like our precious, or our darling - hard to translate it right)


The artwork was a gift from @JoeFridaySays. It shows my favorite cartoon alien getting frisky with my Sub2k as it was configured then.

The screen name is my road name:


Festus Haggan. Appeared on Gunsmoke from 1962 until 1975. I met him (Ken Curtis) Along with James Arnes (Marshal Dillon), Melborn Stone (Doc) and Amanda Blake (Kitty) in 1965 at the local rodeo via my Granddad, he had serious connections.


You guys make me feel bad for being shallow.

My picture is my favorite rifle. A 6.5 creedmoor I built on a Mauser 98 action. It’s the first one I really did all the action and barrel work on. Made a bunch of my own action blueprinting tools for it too.

My name, well, im going on 20 years of machining, it’s what I do……


Mine is my wife and I picking up our dog Abby from the breeder just over 11 years ago.


Mine is actually kinda lame. Way back in the day-in high school I had this old felt ‘hillbilly’ hat that I purchased in Maggie Valley NC. I didn’t wear it all that much but I kept it on the back shelf of my '68 Mustang. One warm spring day during our senior year, I took a couple friends with me to ditch school to the cliffs at Lake Allatoona and one picked it up and put it on. He promptly picked up on my last name (Smith) and dubbed me Snuffy and it somehow stuck.
Later on, my father started telling people his last name was ‘Smiff-spelled with two ‘F’ s’.
The profile pic is of the original cartoon character and newspaper comic strip Snuffy Smith.
In honor of Snuffy’s youngest son Tater, I have now dubbed our 3-year-od grandson ‘Taterhead’…


The name is from my webpage and has it’s own lengthy backstory that is explained there. I grew up watching Loony Tunes and the forum focus is firearms so Yosemite Sam was a natural choice.


I don’t have a profile pic yet.

My screen name is the same screen name I’ve used on most forums since the internet was invented. Totally unimaginative, but it’s easy to remember. It just follows the old driver’s license convention from my state…part of last name, first and middle initial, then numbers. I only used the letters though.

I suppose I should create a profile pic.


My pic is my favorite WiseGuy stooge Curly. I am habitually happy and positive and love comedy in all forms…
My handle was picked when i was a kid hanging out at my Grampas house chatting on the home base CB with my dad while he was plowing snow. Gramps said i needed a callsign and i could never think of anything interesting or creative enough. Gramps used to say i was stircrazy cuz i dont like to stay still, so thats where it started. In my teen years i discovered and couldnt get enough of Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder so in the early days of the internet i started snagging StirCrayzy on every email and forum i ever got involved in, as a tribute and reminder that smiling and laughter is my motivation. Not that im the comedian, but that im going to find something fun and positive wherever i can.


@cochrpc Patrick I always try and be part of the solution. So I did an internet image search for “cochrpc”. Here were the results…

Feel free to use it for your profile image. No charge. :rofl:


Well Turmeric is a great herb.
TM31-210. Hummmm, who knows what that is ?