Exceptional Member badge created

The “Exceptional Member” badge will be awarded rarely, by a moderator, to a member whose individual contributions and hard work has earned it.

There are many here worthy of consideration for this badge, but it can’t be given often or freely. If it comes too easily, what it symbolizes will be diminished, and so it will be given infrequently.

Exceptional Member - M*CARBO Brotherhood (mcarbo.com)


Thank’s All’ Hopefully it will be still here when this :poop: Storm that’s Brewing in the World Today, Try’s to Poke it’s Head in Our Cellar’s of Goodies & Take them from Us.



Jeff, if I could nominate anyone it would be you. For what you’ve done for me personally, AND the forum in general.

That being said, it’s time for you to quit being a stranger. We don’t hear from you nearly enough anymore.


I have, for two years now, either paid my monthly forum dues on time or early. I guess that means nothing. So… who do I have to sleep with to get this latest badge?


Thanks Joseph, I appreciate that.

I try to be here as much as possible, even though I don’t always have a chance to jump in on the conversation firsthand. In my absence though, I know because of all of you, the site is always in good hands.



Brian, ask and you shall get your answer.


Just over 4 years ago, with only a handful of members and a few threads, this forum came into being.
Those members were given the opportunity to take it forward, and through their effort and guidance, gave it the life it has today.

From that humble beginning we have grown to over 5000 members, and in that time, a great many of you have made continuing contributions. It is for this reason that I created this badge.

With so many to choose from it was only after a great deal of thought that I chose the first 5 recipients, who from early on, I believe have stood out in this regard.


I also want to thank @Kona for, at my request, making this badge a reality.

It takes more than just flipping a switch and giving it a name, to create a custom badge in the system. For this we owe our forum administrator a debt of gratitude.


@jeffing65@Kona Indeed We do’ It’s a Hell of a Beautiful Thing that You & Kona have kept in line all these Years.
I’m still in Disbelieve’ That I was listened to or My Input was Heard,
Of Course this is My First Rodeo !


I’m just happy this forum exists, and thank you to all who have put in the effort to make this forum what it is today. I’ve left all my other forums due to many bad reasons, but stuck with this one.

So to the people who get this badge, congratulations :tada:!


@Jperr You’re trying to tell me, metaphorically, to get on my knees and beg?

I will not.

As always, I will choose the moral high ground. Because as in the powerful words of the GREATEST and most handsome moderator of ANY forum on the internet has said, and I qoute:

@jeffing65 I am humbled to even be in your presence.


Oh lord…I might need to go grab my shovel before it’s too late. :laughing:


@jeffing65 Well, as a backup plan, I DM’d you a bunch of dic pics. So, there’s that also.


I suspect many newer members do not realize the substantial role some of the early members played in the design, development and testing of many of the parts and accessories we now take for granted. I remember closely watching the evolution/development of the flip mount and being thrilled at the quality and functionality when the mount finally became available. And while the tool less locking pin is still a pain, it is far more functional than the original design(s).

Of course, the primary strengths of the Forum are the robust sharing of ideas, opinions and information, and the willingness to help one another with issues and problems. There is a vast reservoir of knowledge here and the keepers of that knowledge share it gladly. All of these things, and the watchful mods, make this a Forum like no other.


If getting an Mcarbo coupon code named in your honor isn’t enough to get this badge, I don’t know what is. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I wonder what the code would be if they named one after me based upon the incredible insight, expertise, wisdom, discernment, leadership, and moral fortitude that I have bestowed y’all with for the past two years? I imagine the words “Epic” and “Humble” would used.


Sarcastic, trouble…maybe. lol


Well, you had to ask…



Batter up…-:rofl::rofl::rofl::sweat_smile:


Imagine being the key word here.



This one, for sure…can’t do the other one, just mentioning the Austrian plastic fantastics sets of a bit of a wank-fest… :rofl: